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Covid in K-pop: Itzy's Yeji and Kingdom's Dann now the latest idols to test positive

Previously, Itzy's Lia was one of the 10 idols to test positive on February 12
Itzy's Lia, Yeji and Kingdom's Dann get Covid-19 (@Dispatch/VLive, @KINGDOM_GFent/Twitter)
Itzy's Lia, Yeji and Kingdom's Dann get Covid-19 (@Dispatch/VLive, @KINGDOM_GFent/Twitter)

In the second week of February, the Covid-19 cases in K-pop were 26. Almost all of 2AM and Cravity tested positive for the virus. 10 idols had been infected on February 12 alone. Over the weekend, the situation got worse as news spread that CNBLUE’s Yonghwa, Itzy’s Yeji and Kingdom’s Dann had fallen sick.

While Seoul has implemented stricter social distancing guidelines due to the Omicron outbreak, it still allows idols to go on with their busy schedules in crowded places. We have the likes of ONEUS, Ateez, P1Harmony, TWICE and more continuing with their world tours. And while the new strain of Covid-19 is not considered lethal and a majority have taken all three shots of the vaccine, Omicron is quite infectious. This has led to several K-pop idols testing positive.

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Yeji and Dann get Covid-19

On February 12, Itzy’s Lia was one of the 10 idols to test positive for Covid-19 which had led to the group canceling their third-anniversary live celebration. Her label JYPE had shared that the rest of the members also got tested immediately. While they had tested negative with the self-test kit, they had took PCR tests too. Ryujin and Chaeryung had tested negative while Yeji and Yuna said they were waiting for their results. Well, on February 14, they shared that Yeji’s test had come back positive. The Itzy leader had taken two vaccine shots and only had a mild fever.


Yuna’s test came back negative but will be self-quarantining according to the country’s Covid guidelines. Along with Yeji, it was also reported that Kingdom’s Dann had fallen sick. He had mild symptoms like that of cold on February 12. The group leader’s self-test came back positive and so he took a PCR test on February 13. Last night, his test came back positive. While he has taken his two doses of the vaccine and has no other symptoms, he had paused his activities and self-quarantined. Dann’s label is reconsidering Kingdom’s annual fan meeting set for February 18 and be updating the fandom about changed plans, if any.

'Back off Covid'

Itzy fans made tweets like, “Jype just announced that yeji tested positive too. get well soon, yeji. everything will be alright.” One fan was annoyed that Yeji had to apologize while telling fans about her news, “Why is Yeji even apologising when she's the one sick? I hope jype dont blame the girls for all this.” Another posted, “I wish COVID was a person so I can beat it up 🥲 get well soon yeji !!”




One Kingdom fan tweeted, “I really hope dann doesn't have any symptoms beside mild cold and that he doesn't feel upset abt this :( ily.” Another added, “Dang, Isn’t this like the 40th idol that’s tested positive for Covid. BACK OFF COVID…we don’t want you here.” One fan said, “Ahh, shit. The leader is down and it’s his comeback next. Send all your good vibes to Dann and the others, friends.”