Covid in K-pop: Half of Drippin members sick as Yunseong and Changuk test positive

Covid in K-pop: Half of Drippin members sick as Yunseong and Changuk test positive
Yunseong, Changuk, Junho and Hyeop tested positive (@wearedrippin/Instagram)

The number of Covid-19 cases has reached 41 in the last two weeks as more idols have fallen sick due to the new Omicron outbreak. At least 30 idols tested positive in the last 10 days and now it has alarmingly increased. The latest K-pop idol that got the virus was none other than BTS’ Jimin who also had to undergo surgery for appendicitis at the same time. About 24 hours later, on February 1, it was reported that two members of Drippin, Yunseong and Changuk, had also tested positive.

On January 30, it was revealed that Drippin’s Junho had tested positive while administrating a self-test kit as part of the mandatory guidelines for appearing on a music show. All of the members immediately got a PCR test done and Junho, as well as Lee Hyeop tested positive on January 31. Both had mild symptoms like a sore throat. Their label, Woollim shared that all of the members were self-quarantining till the incubation period was over and would continue to get tested.

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Four Drippin members get Covid-19

Unfortunately, during the next testing, two more members have gotten Covid-19. While Yunseong and Changuk had tested negative a day before, on February 1, they tested positive. They too had mild symptoms like a sore throat and so had decided to take a PCR test again. At the moment, all of the members including the ones who are negative are continuing their self-quarantining and following guidelines set by the authorities. As for the first two members, Junho and Hyeop, they do not have any other additional symptoms.

The remaining three members, Dongyun, Minseo and Alex all tested negative but are in quarantine. They too will keep undergoing PCR tests till the incubation period is over. With four out of seven members getting Covid-19, the label is following all of the guidelines to stop the spread of the virus. Since two weeks, Drippin has been promoting their latest release ‘Villain’ on music shows and variety shows.

‘Literally everyone is testing positive’

Worried fans have been making tweets like, “Get well soon, though Literally everyone is testing positive lately... not exactly funny.” One wished, “Yunseong, Changuk, Hyeop and Junho. Get well soon, my dear kids. Recover well. Hope minseo, alex and dongyun are alright. No other members will positive soon.” Since the boys have to cut short their promotional period, fans assured them, “I know y’all prepared a lot for this comeback & you are all disappointed that you can’t show it all to us but i hope you won’t beat yourselves too much. we willtry our best to keep the hype.”




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