'Coroner' Season 3: Release date, spoilers and all about The CW crime drama

Dr Jenny Cooper is back with a whole new set of cases that bring about an unexpected side to her

                            'Coroner' Season 3: Release date, spoilers and all about The CW crime drama
Serinda Swan as Dr Jenny Cooper and Roger Cross as Detective Donovan 'Mac' McAvoy in 'Coroner' (Instagram/ @coronercbc)

For fans who've been waiting for season 3 of the 'Coroner', get ready because The CW crime-drama series is back and grittier than ever.

In this season, Dr. Jenny Cooper deals with being single again, however, work has her hands tied, as cases continue to pour in. With each of the characters dealing with their own traumas and learning the grow, season 3 promises quite a few interesting character arcs. If you're looking for similar titles, check out -- 'Truth Be Told', 'I Survived a Serial Killer' and 'Sophie: A Murder in West Cork'.


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Release date

Catch season 3 of 'Coroner' on Thursday, August 19 at 8 pm ET/PT on The CW.

Where to watch 

You can watch season 3 of 'Coroner' The CW.


According to the official synopsis, "CORONER season three returns to Toronto where coroner Jenny Cooper (Serinda Swan) must move past her trauma and embrace her whole self. In the process of healing, she and live-in boyfriend Liam (Éric Bruneau) are now separated and separately trying new forms of therapy. With Liam gone, Jenny finally has space to focus on herself…for all of five minutes. It isn't long before death knocks at her door with a slew of new cases – both COVID-related and not – that force her to unleash the real Jenny Cooper locked inside.

Meanwhile, Detective Donovan McAvoy (Roger Cross) stares down the barrel of his own mortality in a very personal way, which propels him to investigate both his cases and his life with a new perspective. He may even find love. Ross (Ehren Kassam) confronts uncomfortable identity challenges, and Gordon's (Nicholas Campbell) Lewy Body Dementia causes him to lose himself in the possibility of a life once lived."


Serinda Swan 
Serinda Swan stars reprises her role as Dr. Jenny Cooper, a recently widowed and newly appointed coroner, who will stop at nothing to find the truth. Swan has worked on a range of films, such as 'Tron: Legacy', The Baytown Outlaws', 'Jinn', The Veil' and 'Redemption Day'. She has also worked on TV series such as 'Supernatural', 'Psych', 'Reaper', 'Hawaii Five-O', 'Smallville', 'Breakout Kings' and 'Graceland.' 



Roger Cross 
Roger Cross reprises his role as Detective Donovan' Mac' McAvoy, a police force veteran, who has been hardened with a sense of skepticism and realism over the years. 
Cross is an actor whose works include 'MacGyver', 'DC Showcase: Adam Strange', 'Justice League Dark: Apokolips War', 'Law & Order: Special Victims Unit', 'The Rookie', 'Narco Soldiers', 'Waiting Game', 'The Elder Scrolls: Blades', 'Salvation', 'Ice', 'Caught' and 'The X-Files'.  



Kiley May
Kiley May reprises her role as River Baitz, the Coroner Bureau's pathology assistant. May is a Mohawk and Cayuga storyteller, actor, screenwriter and activist. Her works include 'The D Cut', 'Queer Your Stories', 'It Chapter Two' and 'Pink: Diss'. 



Tamara Podemski 
Tamara Podemski reprises her role as Alison Trent, Dr. Jenny Cooper's assistant. Podemski is a Canadian actress and writer. Her works include 'Unsettled', 'Run', 'Holly Hobbie', 'Guest of Honour', 'Never Saw It Coming', 'Cracked', 'Copper', 'The Lesser Blessed' and 'Heartland'.



Ehren Kassam 
Ehren Kassam reprises his role as Ross Khalighi, Jenny Cooper's son who struggles to come to terms with his father's sudden death. An actor and a musician, Kassam's other works include 'I Do, or Die - A Killer Arrangement', 'Carter', 'Tokens', 'Christmas in Angel Falls', 'Breathe, Maggie, Breathe', 'The Strain', 'Degrassi: Next Class' and 'Cheerleader Death Squad'.



Éric Bruneau 
Éric Bruneau stars as Liam Bouchard, a soulful army vet who lives off the grid. He is also Jenny's love interest. Bruneau's work includes 'Crisis', 'Trop,' 'Les prodiges', 'Madame Lebrun', 'Goalie', 'The Fall of the American Empire' and 'Mensonges'. 



Mark Taylor 
Mark Taylor is a Canadian actor. He is known for his works such as 'Frankie Drake Mysteries', 'A Christmas Tree Grows in Colorado', 'Tempted by Danger', 'Self Made: Inspired by the Life of Madam C.J. Walker', 'Christmas Belles', 'To Kill A Secret', 'Greenleaf', 'The Young and the Restless' and 'The Umbrella Academy'.



Uni Park 
Uni Park is an actress, known for her works such as 'Kim's Convimence', 'For the Record', 'Fearfully & Wonderfully Made', 'Private Eyes', 'Warigami', 'American Gods', 'Tremors', 'Condor' and 'Taken'.


'Coroner'  follows coroner Jenny Cooper who is confronted with new cases that bring out a side of her she thought was long gone. Meanwhile, Detective Donovan McAvoy encounters new cases that has him dealing with his own mortality. Ross. Jenny's son, comes to face with his identity. Season 3 promises to be one of truth, revelations and everything in between.


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