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CIX Hyunsuk, woo!ah! Nana and EPEX Keum join the cast of 'The World You Fall Into'

EBS' 'The World You Fall Into' is a fantasy romance drama that revolves around the life of a K-pop idol
CIX's Hyunsuk (L), woo!ah!'s Nana (C), and EPEX's Keum are all set to appear in the EBS idol drama 'The World You Fall Into' (C9 Entertainment, NV Entertainment)
CIX's Hyunsuk (L), woo!ah!'s Nana (C), and EPEX's Keum are all set to appear in the EBS idol drama 'The World You Fall Into' (C9 Entertainment, NV Entertainment)

It is always fun to see the world of K-pop and K-drama unite and it is even better to see popular K-pop idols as actors. Presently, popular third-gen K-drama actors include K-pop idols like GOT7’s Jinyoung, SF9’s Rowoon, Astro’s Cha Eunwoo, and 2PM’s Junho among many others. The upcoming K-drama generation also seems promising as younger K-pop idols are going to dominate the K-drama world. Yoon Hyun-suk aka Hyunsuk from C9 Entertainment’s CIX who made his acting debut with the 2021 web drama has bagged another show.

Hyunsuk shot to fame after his performance in the show ‘Best Mistake 3’ got a lot of attention online. It has now been reported that Hyunsuk has already bagged a second drama based on the life of K-pop idols. On June 2, C9 Entertainment announced that CIX's Hyunsuk will be appearing in the EBS 1TV drama titled 'The World You Fall Into’ (also known as The World You Are Missing From). Hyun-suk will not be the only idol acting in the drama as girl group woo!ah!’s leader Nana and EPEX’s Keum were also cast as the main leads on the show.


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'The World You Fall' Into announces its cast

The upcoming show ‘The World You Fall Into’ is a fantasy romance drama based on the lives of K-pop idols. Shows that have their plot revolve around the lives of K-pop idols are called idol dramas and over the past few years, such shows like, ‘So I Married An Antifan’, ‘Imitation’, ‘Fly Again’, ‘Idol The Coup’, ‘Dream High’ among others are few idol dramas that have been loved by fans globally.

This is why the upcoming show starring CIX’s Hyunsuk has fans waiting in anticipation to see the K-pop idol shine as an actor. The show 'The World You Fall Into' revolves around the national idol Yoo Je-bi, played by woo!ah!’s Nana aka Kwon Na-yeon, who falls into a romance novel after suffering from malicious comments in his real life. Living life inside a novel, the idol realizes the true meaning of life.


The K-drama will premiere in the second half of 2022

The upcoming show ‘The World You Fall Into’ breaks out of the constraints of a classic youth drama and depicts a fresh friendship and a thrilling romance of teenagers. It has been revealed that Hyunsuk will play the character Jin-woo, a former church president who will show off different chemistry with the character of Ye-bi as one of her love interests. The show will also have EPEX’s Keum also known as Keun Dong-hyun who will take on the role of Shin Han-se, who is full of playful and cute charms.


The show ‘The World You Fall Into’ is a story of teens who are struggling in the dual worlds of reality and fiction. The makers of the show aim to show the reality of teenagers who are defenselessly exposed to media content such as malicious comments on the Internet, cyberbullying, as well as social media addiction through the drama ‘The World You Fall Into’. The show is set to premiere in the second half of 2022.