Seo Ye-ji’s 19+ rated sex scene in the K-drama 'Eve' trends, fans say: ‘Watch the ratings soar’

Seo Ye-ji’s 19+ rated sex scene in the K-drama 'Eve' trends, fans say: ‘Watch the ratings soar’
Actress Seo Ye-ji makes her comeback with the 19+ rated K-drama titled 'Eve' which features a steamy sex scene in its first episode (tvN)

Actress Seo Ye-ji (Seo Yea-ji) made her acting come back with the new tvN K-drama ‘Eve’ that was ridden with controversy even before it was released. While the actress herself was under fire for her personal life when she was embroiled in a gaslighting scandal. Months after that, the ‘It’s Okay To Not Be Okay’ actress apologized for her past immature actions but it seems like more baseless allegations followed the leading actress. After all the setbacks that delayed the filming of tvN’s ‘Eve’ were finally resolved, the show premiered its first episode on June 1.

The show ‘Eve’ is tvN’s new Wednesday-Thursday drama which recorded an average viewership rating of 3.6 per cent, as well as a citywide viewership rating of 3.3 per cent for its initial broadcast. The first episode of the show is not as well rated as expected from a Seo Ye-ji show but it seems like the attention it has been receiving online will work in favor of the actress and boost the popularity of ‘Eve’. The show is a revenge-based drama where the character played by Seo Ye Ji aims to avenge her father’s murder.


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Knetz shocked by the sex scene in ‘Eve’

‘Eve’ is rated 15+ overall but it was announced that the first two episodes of the K-drama would be rated 19+ because it showed a steamy sex scene featuring Seo Ye-ji and Jang Jin-wook. In the episode, Lee Ra-el, the character played by Ye-ji, is having intercourse with her husband Lee Ha-yool as Kang Yoon-gyeom played by Park Byung-eun watches from outside the room only for Ra-el to make eye contact with her voyeur. The scene was risqué and was not taken all too well by Korean fans who called out the actress for trying to make heads turn with her comeback show by including an inconsequential sex scene.

Some fans said that such a scene in a drama would get flagged eventually because it presented mature themes. One fan posted the clip online and said, “Omo what the hell. Is this an actual scene from a Korean drama ? Wahh we usually complain about them even censoring kiss scenes & #Eve served a sex scene so openly like this. What is the kdrama world coming to?”

Fans of the actress defended the show and stated that since the plot demanded such scenes, audiences sensitive to such themes should keep it to themselves and avoid such shows by taking into consideration the rating of the episode as a fore-warning.


‘They better leave her alone’

Fans of the actress defended her and think that even this negative attention to the drama will only work in favor of Seo Ye-ji as well as the show, ‘Eve’. One fan said, “I mean tvn usually has grittier or at least more mature shows like revenge adult relationships stories so itd b on brand and she's an adult so as long as both the actors r ok with it a x-rated scene shouldn't b a problem we've seen wilder stuff in kdramas.”

One fan asked, “So Koreans don't have s*x? How do women there get pregnant? Divine intervention.” One tired fan said, “Here we go again.” One fan said, “They better leave her tf alone.”

One fan said, “Damn now I want to watch the show. Why does this seem like free publicity? watch the ratings soar now.” One fan said, “I dont see a problem with a x-rated scene I mean people dont seem to have a problem in other kdramas. There has been more intense scene in different dramas . People are just looking for a reason to pick on her after her past scandal.” One fan asked, “Did I just watched a whole a** sex scene in a Kdrama? I thought I would never witness this… I was in shock the entire time! Seo Yea Ji IS BACK.”










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