Chuck Schumer blasted for 'retarded kids' remark, Internet asks if he's canceled

'He is sincerely sorry for his use of the outdated and hurtful language,' Chuck Schumer's spokesperson said amid massive backlash

                            Chuck Schumer blasted for 'retarded kids' remark, Internet asks if he's canceled
Chuck Schumer had been criticized in the past also for his choice of words (Photo by Jemal Countess/Getty Images for Green New Deal Network)

Senate Minority leader Chuck Schumer recently came under fire for using a controversial and outdated term to refer to mentally challenged homeless children. During a podcast on Sunday, June 13, 2021, Schumer was asked about housing in New York City. While elaborating the complexities of social housing, Schumer talked about homeless shelters, which is when he used the term 'retarded' for the mentally challenged. 

"I wanted to build, when I first was an assemblyman, they wanted to build a congregant living place for retarded children, and the whole neighborhood was against it," Schumer said, further adding, "These are harmless kids. They just needed some help. We got it done. Took a while.” After his comments earned severe backlash from the people, his spokesperson issued an apology stating that the New York Senator made a mistake by using the "inappropriate and outdated word". Republican supporters even slammed Democrat leadership for staying silent on Schumer's usage of the offensive word or Hunter Biden's usage of the [N-Word] that came to light recently


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Speaking to the Washington Examiner, Schumer's spokesperson said, "For decades, Senator Schumer has been an ardent champion for enlightened policy and full funding of services for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. He used an inappropriate and outdated word in his description of an effort he supported that was led by the AHRC to build a group home in his Brooklyn district decades ago to provide housing and services to children with developmental disabilities. He is sincerely sorry for his use of the outdated and hurtful language."

Though Schumer referred to AHRC (previously - Association for the Help of Retarded Children) to justify his usage of the word, the organization has long dropped the R-word from their title and is now referred to as AHRC New York City.

'We aren't living in the 1970s'

The 70-year-old Democratic leader faced criticism from the Supreme Court in the past for his 'threatening' statements to Justices Brett Kavanaugh and Neil Gorsuch in 2020. At the time he was speaking outside the Supreme Court at a rally for abortion rights. 

However, his recent usage of the R-word sparked immense controversy, as his political opponents and the general public slammed his lack of awareness. 

"democrats and media giving hunter biden and chuck schumer a pass on the n-word and calling disabled kids retarded is a great example of why you never ever apologize to these people. they’ll ruin a random kid’s life over an offensive meme. it’s all a game to them," Logan Hall from Daily Caller tweeted. 

Nevada GOP Chairwoman Amy Tarkanian wrote, "Chuck Schumer refers to mentally disabled children as “retarded”. Will the cancel mob come for him?"

"Your use of the term "retarded children" is abhorrent! We aren't living in the 1970s. If I, as an educator, used that archaic label, I would lose my job. How incredibly insensitive! Educators and parents of kids with special needs are sickened by your insensitivity," a Twitter user said.

Another user tweeted, "Chuck Schumer Sparks Angry Backlash Referring To Mentally Disabled Homeless Children As 'Retarded'. what do you expect from a guy like Chuck, his entire career is in Gov't, when they were never were to be career jobs in the first place, that right there is a sign of corruption."





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