Where is Christopher Ramirez? Texas boy, 3, MISSING after he followed neighbor's dog

Over 150 law enforcement officers and volunteers combing woods near Plantersville where boy ran after neighbour's dog but never came back

                            Where is Christopher Ramirez? Texas boy, 3, MISSING after he followed neighbor's dog
Christopher Ramirez, 3, has been missing since October 6, 2021 (Texas Department of Public Safety via Twitter)

The small Texas community of Plantersville is on high alert after a three-year-old went missing from the city on October 6. According to reports, Christopher Ramirez was playing outside his home, when he ran after his neighbor's dog. The dod returned, but Ramirez didn't. A massive effort to find the child is now underway, with over 150 volunteers and law enforcement officials combing the area.

With that nation on high alert since the disappearance and subsequent death of Gabby Petito, missing people are now getting a lot of attention. On October 6, it was reported Los Angeles fitness influencer Ca'Shawn 'Cookie' Sims has been missing since September 30. Days before that, it was reported 17-year-old Morgan Sessions was missing after leaving her Utah home in the middle of the night. 


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With a population of around 500 people, the Plantersville community has turned to every resource possible to help locate Ramirez. While he ran off after the dog, his mother now believes the three-year-old has been abducted. "I feel as though someone took him and is hiding him," a teary-eyed Araceli Nunez said in a press conference.

UPDATE: The tot was found alive and well on October 9, wandering on highway 249. Reportedly, he was located five miles from his home after a local "called in after hearing some noise." He was taken to a hospital out of precaution, but reportedly seemed in "good shape". 

Where is Christopher Ramirez?

According to Nunez, on October 6, she was unloading shopping from her car when Ramirez spotted the neighbor's dog and ran after him. Nunez attempted to run after her son but was unable to find him. That occurred at around 1:30 PM. At around 8:30 PM, the dog returned, but there was no sight of Ramirez. Just over 24 hours later, the police have begun efforts to locate the child, along with members of the community. 

The search is being coordinated by the FBI and the Grimes County Sheriff's Office, who have so far deployed drones, dogs, and other resources, but have had no breakthroughs yet. "We canvased the neighborhood yesterday. Three times. Four times," said Sheriff Donald Sowell. It is believed the child followed the dog into woods nearby, which have also been canvassed. 

Patrol cars belonging to the Grimes County Sheriff's Office at the scene of the search for Christopher Ramirez. (Cierra Villarreal/Twitter)


So far, police are still treating the operation as a rescue mission, not a recovery one. Reportedly, two registered sex offenders live nearby, but searches of their homes have not turned up any clues. Police have also scanned all CCTVs and cameras in the neighborhood but to no avail. They aren't giving up just yet though. "We will be here until after dark tomorrow until necessary until after we find Christopher," an FBI official said at a press conference. The official added, "There is an entire 1 - 5 mile radius that we're looking at and we'll continue to look at. Again, until evidence points us elsewhere, we will remain in this area looking for Christopher."

So far, the Grimes County Sheriff has not issued an amber alert for Ramirez, and they are hopeful he is still in or around Plantersville. We'll keep you updated if there are any breaking developments in the case. If you have tips or information, please do call the Grimes County Sheriff's Office at 936-873-2151. It is believed Ramirez can only speak and understand Spanish and was last seen wearing a bright green shirt and red Mickey Mouse shoes. 

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