Christine Brown slams Kody Brown's parenting as 'Sister Wives' star reveals reason to love David Woolley

Christine Brown slams Kody Brown's parenting as 'Sister Wives' star reveals reason to love David Woolley
Christine Brown praised David Woolley's connection with her children, indirectly slamming Kody Brown (Instagram/@christine_brownsw, TLC)

MURRAY, UTAH: 'Sister Wives' star Christine Brown is enjoying her time to the fullest with her fiance David Woolley and her daughters. This has helped David develop a fatherly bond with Christine's daughters. In one of the recent Instagram posts, Christine indirectly slammed her ex Kody Brown as she praises her fiance.

The 51-year-old reality personality is all praises for her fiance on social media. Christine expresses her gratitude to David for all the positive aspects he has brought into her life. The 'Sister Wives' star appears to be subtly criticizing her ex, Kody Brown, anytime she praises her fiance, though.


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Christine Brown reveals reason she loves David Woolley

Christine took to Instagram on Saturday, May 20, to upload a picture together of her fiance and her daughter. David and Christine's daughter Truely are seen standing in front of a deserted cliff. In other pictures we see David helping Truely to clip the hill and to get down of it safely. Referring to the photos, Christine wrote in her post, "One of the reasons I love David so much!" She then explained the reason, "Truely was stuck on a hill and he climbed up to help her and then patiently taught her how to climb down by herself." It appears that David has not only showered Christine with love but also her family. He is undoubtedly working hard to fit in with the Browns.



Is Christine indirectly slamming Kody Brown?

It seems so from her post. When Christine described how David has been connecting with her daughter, it seemed like she was indirectly saying that her ex Kody never bothered to do little things like climb a hill with her daughters. When Christine talked about how well David got along with Truely, one Internet user commented, "David having a better relationship with Truely than Kody " Another one claimed, "It’s what has been missing the other had no time for his kids!!" "Real Father's even parent the children they didn't create. I'm so glad you found a good man for yourself & Truely!" one user complimented David. Another user compared David and Christine's ex Kody, "That’s what a real man does…not yell and get mad like you’d ex." A user slammed Kody, saying, "This man has time to devote to your girl unlike her father would have. The best thing you ever did was dump that turd cody." 

Well, it seems that Christine has got herself a good man this time.

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 Christine Brown slams Kody Brown's parenting as 'Sister Wives' star reveals reason to love David Woolley