Did Chloe Bailey rip off Tinashe’s album cover? Singer clarifies 'there's no beef'

The situation spiraled after Tinashe liked one of the tweets of an unimpressed social media user, who claimed the pictures looked the same

                            Did Chloe Bailey rip off Tinashe’s album cover? Singer clarifies 'there's no beef'
Fans find Chloe Bailey's latest pic similar to Tinashe's cover album (Photos by [email protected]/@tinashenow)

Chloe Bailey, who is now active on social media more than ever, dropped a few sultry pictures of hers on Instagram and Twitter on September 25, easily breaking the internet. However, a few social media users claimed that one of the hot bod pics had striking similarities to the cover of Tinashe’s 2019 album ‘Songs for You’.

The situation spiraled after Tinashe liked one of the tweets of an unimpressed social media user who claimed the same. This led to a whole new drama that there was an apparent beef brewing up between Chloe and Tinashe. Now, in order to clear the air, Chloe took to her Twitter on September 26 and asserted that there was no beef between the two and requested everyone to stop assuming. Social media users then showered their support to the 23-year-old crooner and also asked her to collaborate with Tinashe.
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Did Chloe Bailey copy Tinashe in new IG pics?

The cover art of Tinashe’s album ‘Songs for You’ features the singer in a mid-shot as she faces the camera while lying on the floor. The songstress can be seen posing with her hair as she looks drop-dead gorgeous in a skimpy outfit. Tinashe also opts for long white transparent sleeve gloves to give a more fashionable look. Now, if we talk about Chloe’s recent pictures on social media, the singer shared multiple photos looking all sultry in a two-piece. In one of the images shared, Chloe strikes a very similar pose to that of Tinashe, which also includes the long gloves. The only difference was that she chose a red color outfit.

This gave birth to the speculations that Chloe might have ripped off the cover art of ‘Songs for You’. The Instagram page of The Shade Room shared a post showing how Tinashe liked the comment of a user claiming the similarities, which further irked the social media users.  Now, with an intention to clear the air over the controversy, the ‘Have Mercy’ hitmaker tweeted, “Guys can you please stop, there’s no beef between me and @Tinashe she’s a baddie and i love everything she does. i repost inspirational quotes all the time, wasn’t related. thank youuu, love youuu.” She did not address the similarities of the two pics but spoke about the caption she had posted- “Choose your fighter” followed by two fire sign emojis along with a red heart in the middle. Tinashe too apparently addressed the matter on Instagram. One user on Twitter shared a screenshot of Tinashe’s comment on an Instagram post writing, “Not everything is shade. Y’all so mean spirited for what? Just ready to attack and say nasty s**t, for what.”





‘So collaborate with her', says Twitter

While very few took a dig after Chloe clarified the matter, a majority of them were pissed for pitting black women against each other. One said, “So collaborate with her! She does pop too! Im not lying and one thing about me imma lie for my favs! But i’m telling the truth.” Another asked, “Why cant there just be peace, love.” Whereas, the next one tweeted, “Beef?? Naw naw who is even making up s**t like that between you two? omg anyways drop the collab anytime. I LOVE YALL.”
One user added, “Girl don’t even acknowledge them.” One person said, “This thing people have with starting Normani vs Chloe, Chloe vs Tinashe, Tinashe vs Normani, etc etc needs to stop. Y’all really hate black women succeeding together at the same time and it’s sad!” And, one added, “My whole thing about the Chloe and tinashe thing is why like the tweet tinashe?” as another concluded, “They really need to find a hobby cuz tinashe n chloe "beef" is not realistic.”
















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