Tinashe says finding out about ex Ben Simmons dating Kendall Jenner depressed her: 'The worst day of my life'

Tinashe says finding out about ex Ben Simmons dating Kendall Jenner depressed her: 'The worst day of my life'
Tinashe, Kendall Jenner and Ben Simmons (Getty Images)

Tinashe recently confessed that she felt "really depressed" when she found out that her ex-boyfriend, Ben Simmons was dating Kendall Jenner. Tinashe and Simmons dated for two months but quickly decided to head their separate ways. However, the biggest shock came to the singer when she found out that Simmons had started seeing Jenner in the same month when they split.

"It may have been the worst day of my life, but it's OK," she said, according to a report by US Weekly. When asked if she had a drink after hearing the news, Tinashe said, "I drank for, like, six months after that! Are you kidding me? I was, like, wasted for months. But I'm OK now."

She revealed it was an unpleasant situation to be in. "It was terrible," she shared. "It was bad. Like, it was bad, but I'm good now." Tinashe had previously opened up about the split on social media after several of Kendall's fans slammed her for stalking the couple.


"The fact is, I was in love and I got hurt," she wrote. "I know I’m not the first nor will I be the last person to be in this situation. The details of what has happened since are complicated, to say the least, but I've never lied."

She added, "I always try to do the right thing and be the bigger person and often people take advantage of that. I'm sensitive as hell and have emotions just like everyone else and I suck at most of this Hollywood sh*t."

While Tinashe was upset over her breakup with Simmons, Kendall and Simmons's relationship also did not last long. 

Their relationship first came to light when the pair were spotted together. Kendall even attended many of Simmon's matches. However, the pair quickly called it quits but there have been rumors stating that the pair might have gotten back together after they were spotted hanging out again.


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