Halle Bailey backs Chloe Bailey's Juneteenth gig after backlash: 'Proud of you'

Chloe Bailey got trolled for twerking during her performance on Nina Simone’s 1965 single ‘Feeling Good', but she found support in her sister Halle Bailey

                            Halle Bailey backs Chloe Bailey's Juneteenth gig after backlash: 'Proud of you'
Chloe x Halle (Photo by Amy Sussman/Getty Images)

Chloe Bailey from the Chloe x Halle duo drew a lot of flak for her performance on Nina Simone’s 1965 classic hit ‘Feeling Good' as a part of the Juneteenth celebrations on June 18 on ABC’s special show ‘Juneteenth: Together We Triumph — A ’Soul of a Nation''. Chloe, who landed on the stage without her sister, got brutally crucified on Twitter despite her thrilling performance.

Many people spewed venom on the internet after Chloe, who is considered Beyonce’s protégé, twerked on the stage during her performance. After observing all the online trolling, Chloe’s sister Halle Bailey, who is an equally powerful singer, took to her Twitter account to extend support to her sister. Halle was then soon trending on the micro-blogging site as many praised the tight bond the duo share. Earlier in the day, Simone’s granddaughter RéAnna Simone Kelly had slammed the haters for dragging Chloe.

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‘My sister mother**king murdered that performance’

Halley took to her official Twitter account and said that she was proud of her sister Chloe as she had killed that performance. “My sister mother**king murdered that performance!!!!!!! i told yall !!! we are all so proud of you!!!” She soon realised she ended up cursing in the excitement and to rectify the same, she then tweeted, “Sorry for my profanity y’all i just had to get it out real quick loll.” Before extending her support to Chloe on Twitter, she had replied to one of the users saying, “@ChloeBailey is that bi**h!!! and will forever be that bi**h!!! got em shook!!!!

Chloe also took to Twitter to express the sisterly love and showed the bond they share. She reverted to her sister’s tweet saying, “My ride or die. love you forever and ever and i miss your guts lol thanks sis.” As aforementioned, Simone’s granddaughter Kelly had also supported the 22-year-old crooner with a tweet saying her grandma was a free spirited woman and she would have loved that performance. “Everyone’s coming at @ChloeBaileyfor her performance of my grandmother Nina Simone’s song “Feeling Good”. But what y’all don’t understand is that grandma was a free spirited woman herself!! She would’ve loved that performance as much as I do! Relax. Chloe killed it. #NinaSimone.” Chloe soon replied to her saying, “Thank you so much. your grandmother!! what a legacy!!! i will forever x always love Ms. Simone. she has always inspired me.”








‘The bond Chloe & Halle have is unmatched’

Looking at the unbreakable bond between the two sisters, many social media users praised Halle. One said, “The bond chloe & halle have is unmatched. halle rlly was about to throw hands for her sister. Purrrr.” One tweeted, “Exactly Halle! She ate that s**t up. Love how u ride for her!!!!” Another noted, “Halle Bailey is also talented  but her older twin sister is more season. Chloe's price just went up again even though I only like Halle. Lol.”
The next one shared, “I mean. I love my Chloe and my Halle but shame man... She's overdoin it. But I have faith with experience she'll become more seasoned. This whole a** routine gave me a headache.” One added, “Halle pulling out SOLANGE energy for y’all” while another chimed in and asserted, “I swear that's exactly how I see them,I know Halle can fight.” Echoing similar sentiments, one user concluded, “I know that’s right!!! Haters be mad if you want to, but Chloe killed it.”

Chloe X Halle attends 10th Annual DVF Awards at Brooklyn Museum on April 11, 2019, in New York City (Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images) 








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