Should Chloe X Halle split? Critics slammed for asking duo to start solo careers after virtual event: 'You insane?'

Should Chloe X Halle split? Critics slammed for asking duo to start solo careers after virtual event: 'You insane?'
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Chloe X Halle, the swiftly rising contemporary R&B sister duo comprised of Chloe and Halle Bailey, recently performed a virtual concert. Unfortunately, the concert was met with much anger from numerous fans.

Chloe X Halle performed several of their famous songs such as 'Forgive Me' and 'Cool People' on December 22 for a virtual private show exclusive to Verizon Up members. The Verizon Up event began on October 20 and featured concerts running through the months until December with an all-female line-up including artistes such as Maren Morris, Brittany Howard, Brandi Carlile, Jessie Reyez, Kelsea Ballerini, KAROL G and Maggie Rogers. Chloe X Halle took to the stage as the final act.

Earlier in October, Verizon Chief Media Officer John Nitti said in a statement, “We’re proud to celebrate this stellar all-female lineup that continues to advance Verizon’s commitment to celebrating female voices on and off stage," according to GlobeNewswire. “In the absence of live in-person events, now is the perfect time to reward our Verizon Up members with the live music experiences they crave and the exclusive access to the artists they love virtually."

Although the event aimed at celebrating the diversity of women's voices, the Chloe X Halle show has drawn a lot of criticism from many viewers, although there are many fans who are backing the sisters. Numerous Chloe X Halle fans have been pouring a slew of angry comments against those who believe that now is the time for the sisters to split up and begin solo careers.

"When Chloe x Halle go solo I think they'll both be successful. The benefit of different lanes and equal talent," said one. Another said, "The thick sister in Chloe x Halle is gonna go solo. Bookmark this tweet."







"To everybody that continues to try to separate Chloe x Halle while not supporting them as they are, ch*ke. Respectfully," says a fan while another writes, "And the way y’all treat Halle like she’s some sort of background vocalist because she’s a different type of performer is so tired and annoying. Chloe X Halle. Chloe AND Halle. Not Chloe featuring Halle or the other way around. What’s not clicking??"



One fan shared, "Before y’all get on y’all b******t tonight, the DUO is chloe X halle. y’all are being mad weird trying to get chloe to split just bc she’s embracing her sexuality for HERSELF, nobody else. they are SISTERS. they are not Destiny’s Child are y’all f*****g insane?"


Another follower called out those who want the sisters to split as not true fans: "Half of the people that are saying Chloe should go solo and that Halle is holding her back is people that never listened to their music to begin with. They saw curves and got interested. Bunch of weirdos."


"Chloe x Halle signed that contract as CHLOE X HALLE and Beyoncé don’t play about her coin. They still got a couple of albums left to give cause of that contract so as long as those checks go out to 'Chloe x Halle' CHLOE X HALLE gonna make sure those checks keep coming! No splits," added another fan.


We have to second the aforementioned fans. The topic of them each going solo has been brought up a few times in comments on social media over the years, but there is really no need. The idiom "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" rings a lot of truth here especially since the duo has been going strong with a loyal fandom since their debut and more so this year. Commercially speaking, 2020 saw the release of their sophomore studio album, which included one of their most successful songs to date, namely 'Do It'. Apart from their success, there's the dignity factor: could you live with splitting from your sibling when your combined careers are strong together?

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