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'Unacceptable!': Internet aghast as parents let 'child run wild' on flight as she jumps on tray table

Social media users were left baffled by the video and many slammed the parents for allowing their child run amock
A child was seen bouncing off a tray table in a video posted online (u/readysetgorilla/Reddit)
A child was seen bouncing off a tray table in a video posted online (u/readysetgorilla/Reddit)

Parents of a toddler received criticism online after letting their little girl raise a racket on an 8-hour flight. In a video posted on Reddit’s popular r/PublicFreakout page, a video of a child being an absolute terror is racking up millions of views. The toddler can be seen bouncing off a tray table as a man sitting in the chair sits patiently seemingly benign to the whole situation.

The video was posted under the title, “letting children run wild during an 8-hour flight” and has more than 20,000 upvotes and a whole load of comments most social media users being angry at the way the parents handled the situation. 


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The highlight of the video is watching the kid that is “believed to be from the US” on an unidentified airline jumping up and down without stopping, on the tray table, completely shocking the passenger sitting in front of her. However, he seemed to have shown a decent amount of patience about the whole issue.


Commentors on the post were not as patient- they came at the child and her parents in full force. One commenter said, “Hard no. She is causing a disrupting to other passengers. I don't care who you are, she can fuck right off right along with her parents.” Another was quick to say, “I would feel like a failed parent if my kids were doing this and I was just straight up allowing it.” Another commenter also went onto talk about the parents perspective on the matter, “Such people aren't self aware enough to feel such feelings, or they're too tired to give a damn, or want the rest of the world to share in their suffering, or just plain old miserable.”

There was some parenting advice in the comments too, “I have two young kids. And they know how to behave in public. And if they don't know how to act in a certain situation, they will very quickly. My wife and I always addressed their public behavior when it affected other people. It might be harder in the moment, bit my kids are now 9 and 7 and they behave like they should in public. I hate parents who provide no structure for their kids who then become other people's problem.” Another commenter also shared their parenting experience, “Absolutely this. Mine are the same ages and are total nutbars at home. Random noises, swinging and climbing all over me, cracking rude jokes - but they know "there's a time and a place". My poor son stayed at his grandmother's recently and when I picked him up he was all kinds of loopy in the car coz he hadn't released his weird in 2 days!!”