'Chicago Med' Season 7: Release date, spoilers and all about the NBC medical drama

NBC's medical drama 'Chicago Med' is set to return for it sixth season and stakes are much higher this time around

'Chicago Med' Season 7: Release date, spoilers and all about the NBC medical drama
Nick Gehlfuss as Dr William Halstead in 'Chicago Med' (Elizabeth Sisson/NBC)

NBC’s highly popular series ‘Chicago Med’ is set to return for another season as the network renewed the show for at least three more seasons. The medical drama revolves around the daily lives of the doctors and medical professionals in the emergency department of the fictional Gaffney Chicago Medical Centre.

The show has a massive fan following and even the critics have given favorable reviews. It is the third series in the ‘One Chicago’ franchise. ‘Chicago Fire’ and ‘Chicago PD’ are the other two shows in the franchise.



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Following the finale of Season 6, fans will be excited to see their favorite characters back on screen and get some answers to their burning questions. Here’s everything we know about the upcoming edition.

A still from 'Chicago Med' Season 7 (George Burns/NBC)


Release date and how to watch

The upcoming season of ‘Chicago Med’ will premiere exclusively on NBC on Wednesday, September 22. The network also stated that the show will be taking its usual time slot of 8 pm EST. Viewers can subscribe to NBC on various streaming services such as Hulu, Peacock, FuboTV, and YouTube TV.

If you are not based in the US, then you might have to use a VPN to watch the series.



The show focuses on doctors and nurses in the emergency department of the Gaffney Chicago Medical Centre. The team is responsible for saving lives even in harsh conditions. This time, the cases might be related to the Covid pandemic or its after-effects. The network has released the synopsis for the first episode and it reads as “Will Halstead returns to Med to help Goodwin with a secret investigation. Archer and Charles deal with twins who insist on being identical inside and out. Stevie and Dylan treat a young patient with sickle cell anemia.”



In the finale of Season 6, we saw Natalie’s mother Carol requiring a heart transplant. Natalie and Will try to control the situation and later, we learn that a new heart is available. This issue is that the heart is coming from Los Angeles and it would be deemed unviable for such a long transit from there to Chicago. The only way to keep it viable is this new technique. The technique is again new and so there was a chance of it not working out Carol as well as her family have to take a risk on the new heart.

On the other hand, Halstead was thinking about what will happen to him as Dr Charles was taking on an unusual case. The patient had a condition that was unknown to Charles and he was only talking in Russian, which forced him to talk to Dr Lankov. Lankov is from Russia and he tells Charles that the patient has sluggish schizophrenia. Lankov addresses the patient in Russian, but he is not happy with whatever the patient says. He gets sick. A few moments later, Lankov told Charles that the patient has a fear of rats and he got that fair when he was in the psychiatric facility in Russia.


A still from 'Chicago Med' Season 6 (NBC)

Later in the episode, we find that the patient was in a prison cell and not a facility. It happened because back in the day the Soviet Union was so perfect that anyone who didn’t see the nation that way was deemed crazy.

Elsewhere, Manning heard about Halstead and she told him that she wanted to come clean because he didn’t deserve to be fired. She went to Goodwin and she told Goodwin the truth.



The cast of ‘Chicago Med’ will be different this time around as original cast members – Torrey DeVitto (Natalie Manning) and Yaya DaCosta (April Sexton) – won’t be returning for the new season. On the other hand, Steven Weber, who starred as Dr Dean Archer, has been upped to series regular while Kristin Hager and Guy Lockard have joined the cast.

The other returning members include Marlyne Barrett (Maggie Lockwood), Nick Gehlfuss (Dr Will Halstead), S Epatha Merkerson (Sharon Goodwin), Oliver Platt (Dr Daniel Charles), Dominic Rains (Dr Crocket Marcel) and Brian Tee (Dr Ethan Choi).




The long-running series has been created by iconic producers Dick Wolf and Matt Olmstead. Meanwhile, it is developed by the duo of Derek Haas and Michael Brandt. Charles S. Carroll, Jeffrey Drayer, David Weinstein, Simran Baidwan, Will Pascoe, and Safura Favavi are producers on the show.

Meanwhile, Wolf, Olmstead, Haas, Brandt, Diane Frolov, Andrew Schneider, Michael Waxman, Danielle Gelber, Arthur W. Forney, and Peter Jankowski serve as executive producers.



We will update the story once a trailer is released.

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