'Chicago Med' Season 6 Episode 1: Covid-19 storylines in 'powerful' premiere breaks hearts, fans say 'kudos'

'Such a POWERFUL episode of #ChicagoMed !! In tears right now,' writes a fan

                            'Chicago Med' Season 6 Episode 1: Covid-19 storylines in 'powerful' premiere breaks hearts, fans say 'kudos'

'Chicago Med' has always done its best to reflect real-world events, but the Season 6 premiere of the medical drama has hit fans even more powerfully than it usually does. With the Covid-19 pandemic a global priority, everyone has been wondering just how the show will be handling the pandemic. And the stories that the show has brought up has hit home with many, in an emotionally heartwrenching episode that had many in tears.

Many praised the show for its realistic portrayal of the emotions brought on by dealing with the pandemic, praising everyone involved with the episode. "@NBCOneChicago tonight’s Chicago Med is outstanding in showing the stress medical professionals are living with during a pandemic. Kudos to all the writers, actors and directors and production staff on this #1 show," writes a user, on Twitter. "@NBCChicagoMed you’ve done this right! You’ve premiered while addressing COVID (without overdoing it), poked fun at Zoom meetings, dealt with employee exhaustion, and carried on with Med drama. WELL DONE!" writes one fan. "Chicago Med is heart wrenching tonight. Fav actors are dealing w life and death Covid situations. The show is 1st in new season. The writers and actors created what many people are experiencing now," writes another. 




Many praised the show for how well it portrayed the pandemic's effect on workers and patients alike. Despite its stories being fictional, many spoke to how the kinds of stories the show covered were all realistic in powerful ways - from the Asian community who have become targets for blame, to storylines showing the difficult choices that the pandemic has been forcing people to make.

"This episode of #ChicagoMed #OneChicago is everything, even though it's fictional you see what the doctors and nurses are dealing with behind the scenes and how they are featuring how #COVID19 is hitting some communities harder than others," writes a fan. "I absolutely love #OneChicago. Especially #ChicagoMed. They focus on real events. Even though the doctors/nurses in the show are just pretend, they are showing real emotions that doctors and nurses face, especially now during Covid 19," writes another. "“I moved out of my house and said goodbye to my kid” wow this portrait the image of so many in the health department. Thank you isn’t enough for the continued efforts for alll essential workers in hospitals and clinics around the world," writes this viewer. 




For many fans, it was the ending that hit the hardest of all, as an elderly married couple was forced to say their goodbyes to each other over FaceTime, unable to be together in their final moments due to the risk involved with regards to infection - shortly followed by the doctors and medical staff taking a moment to offer tribute to those who had passed from the virus. "This covid episode on Chicago Med is so sad. Got me emotional. Love the tributes to the victims of Covid at the end," writes a fan. "It breaks my heart that so many people have to say bye to their loved ones over FaceTime during this pandemic," writes another. "'We've been married 40 years and now I can't be my his side.' Whew! As sad as this convo is, I know it's even more heartbreaking in real life," says a viewer. "Such a POWERFUL episode of #ChicagoMed !! In tears right now. We heard the tragic stories of hospitals during the height of COVID, what families dealt w/in regards to losing loved ones... but to now see it? So many emotions. My heart is breaking for everyone," shares this user.





The next episode of 'Chicago Med' airs November 18 at 8 pm ET on NBC.

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