'Chef's kiss': Fans vibe to nostalgic playlist of Netflix's 'Beef' as they 'loved the choice' of songs

'Chef's kiss': Fans vibe to nostalgic playlist of Netflix's 'Beef' as they 'loved the choice' of songs
Steven Yeun as Danny Cho in Netflix's 'Beef' (Netflix)

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: Netflix's 'Beef' is finally out and both the critics and the audiences are praising the dark-comedy drama alike. All ten episodes of the series are available to stream currently on the aforementioned streaming platform. 'Beef' follows the story of two strangers, Danny Cho (Steven Yeun), a contractor and Amy Lau (Ali Wong) respectively. This road rage leads to several complications in both of their lives. 

While the Netflix show is getting praise for the acting from the lead actors, 'Beef' is also getting praise for the music selection as well. It is no doubt that the songs, that were used in the series portrayed the emotions perfectly and reflected the tone of the show. And fans are taken by surprise to hear their favourite songs showing on screen unexpectedly.


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Jukebox of 'Beef'

Music always elevates a scene. It gives the show the extra depth that the show needs. And the song selection for Netflix's 'Beef' should be given a separate credit as the several needle drops throughout the series have been both nostalgic and the perfect puzzle pieces for 'Beef'. From 'The Reason' by Hoobastank to 'Mayonaise' by The Smashing Pumpkins, the show has managed to give the range that the show needed. Listed below are the songs that were used in the series,


Episode 1 - 'Liquid Dreams' by O-Town and 'The Reason' by Hoobastank

Episode 2 - 'Shine' by Collective Soul, 'Ratchet' by Jermain Brown, Jonathan James Johnson, and Knight Ryder, 'Same Squad' by P-Lo and 'Cornflake Girl' by Tori Amos

Episode 3 - 'Drive' by Incubus

Episode 4 - 'Fly' by Sugar Rush, 'Nookie' (GH Version) by Limp Bizkit, 'Cure for Pain' by Morphine and 'Self Esteem' by The Offspring

Episode 5 - 'Natural One' by Shearwater and 'Lonely Day' by System of a Down

Episode 6 - 'I Don’t Want to Wait' by Paula Cole and 'Machinehead' by Bush

Episode 7 - 'Somewhere Only We Know' by Keane

Episode 8 - 'Mockingbirds' by Grant Lee Buffalo

Episode 9 - 'All Is Full of Love' by Björk

'Chef's kiss'

And fans have been delighted by the sweet surprise selection list of the songs in the series and took to the internet to share their thoughts. One fan noted the nostalgic elements from the songs and added, "Beef on netflix using exclusively kroq 90s and early 00s hits as their outro needle drop songs is something that can be so personal."


Another fan wrote about 'The Reason' being the perfect outro of Episode 1 finale by adding, "Beef on #Netflix is hilarious! Having The Reason as the last song for this first episode is! 'An incident of road rage slowly consumes the two people involved.'" One fan added to the comment by saying, "Just started watching beef on netflix and the song playing at the end credits scene of ep1 is *chefs kiss* this is going to be a good show."






'Loved the choice'

Another fan also noted the choice of 'The Reason' by adding, "Okay the fist episode of @A24 new show #Beef @netflix was 10/10. Loved the choice of the end song for the first episode 'The Reason' by @Hoobastank." One fan loved the 'Cornflake Girl' song in the second episode by adding, "I loving the show Beef @netflix @A24 I also love that they used a @ToriAmos song on the 2nd episode! #netflix #a24 #beef." A fan also added, "Now I’m watching this new Netflix series called Beef. It’s so good. They just played a Tori song like Yellowjackets did! I can’t believe how many TV shows are using Tori’s Cornflake Girl from the 90’s."






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