Cheating NY wife sues karate center for banning her over affair with younger instructor who was not fired

Cheating NY wife sues karate center for banning her over affair with younger instructor who was not fired
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LONG ISLAND, NEW YORK: A New York pharmacist is suing a karate center for sex discrimination after it allegedly banned her from teaching classes over an affair she had with one of their instructors. Kristin Fabbio-Hamelburg, the mother of two boys, said that even though her husband has forgiven her for the fling, the owner of the karate center banned her from the premises, according to a complaint filed with the state Division of Human Rights.


However, the owner, Jobin George who banned her from the center through his lawyer, Aaron Kleinmann, said that the action was taken after Fabbio-Hamelburg's husband threatened him and frequently dropped into the center. According to the complaint, George said that they didn't want her back "to preserve the health and safety of the gym's committed staff members and students." Emails in the complaint show the conversation between George and Fabbio-Hamelburg, which displayed George’s unease with the couple's domestic issues spilling into the center. "A scorn [sic] husband can do crazy things, and your presence makes everyone uncomfortable because your husband is a threat," George wrote to Kristin Fabbio-Hamelburg, as per the New York Daily News


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Another set of emails found Fabbio-Hamelburg's husband complaining and insisting that he was not a threat to the karate center. "I am NOT a threat to your school. I know it appears that way," Daniel Hamelburg wrote in the email. "You don't know the real me, you only see the cheated-on, beaten-down husband I have become over the past 2 years, which were a nightmare for me." 


However, the forgiving husband did admit to raising his voice at the center. "To show you more of who I am, after my visit in August, yes I visited him again, we sat down in the office like gentlemen & I apologize for my first visit," he wrote. "Kristin has been pushing me to a breaking point. It isn't fair, not just am I depressed but the kids are affected too," he further added.

The affair between Fabbio-Hamelburg and the karate instructor allegedly began in 2019 when she took up the sport after a trial at a special Mother's Day class. She soon became a certified instructor in 2021 and began teaching classes. "My oldest son started training there and then there was a Mother's Day class, so I attended the class because my son asked me to," Fabbio-Hamelburg revealed to the Daily News. "I never knew it was so satisfying to punch something. It was my outlet — my stress release — for two and half years until Jobin decided randomly to fire me," she said.


She further admitted to the affair to the news outlet. "We messed around a little inside the school on, like, two occasions, one of which Jobin claimed to have video, but I don't know, he was never able to produce it," she said.

The owner eventually revoked her certification, however, no such action was taken against the male instructor she had an affair with, who was not named, she claimed. Fabbio-Hamelburg added that she and her husband are working things out. Moreover, she wants to be able to train and teach at other Tiger Schulmann locations. 

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