Marjorie Taylor Greene cheated on husband with sex guru and gym manager, filed for divorce before patching up

The controversial Congresswoman reportedly planned to legally separate from husband Perry Greene in July 2012

                            Marjorie Taylor Greene cheated on husband with sex guru and gym manager, filed for divorce before patching up
Rep Marjorie Taylor Greene's affairs wasn't reportedly a secret within her closed circles (Getty Images)

Rep Marjorie Taylor Greene reportedly wanted to divorce her husband Perry Greene the same year she had affairs with a sex guru and a gym manager. The controversial Congresswoman began divorce proceedings against Perry in July 2012, court papers obtained by the Daily Mail revealed. 2012 was the same year when the QAnon supporter was allegedly involved in a romantic relationship with sex guru Craig Ivey, after meeting him at her gym in Alpharetta, Georgia. Later that year, she romanced the 42-year-old gym manager Justin Tway.

According to the divorce papers filed in Atlanta, the 46-year-old mentioned that her relationship with her husband was “irretrievably broken” and she wanted to live separately. Besides, Marjorie also sought half of the couple's assets and custody of their three kids. Papers stated that her 49-year-old husband, who is a construction company boss, had no issues with her demands and was okay with the divorce. However, suddenly the proceedings stopped in September 2012 and the pair got together. The possible reason behind it was Marjorie’s split up with Ivey and Tway.


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The far-right politician exchanged vows with Perry in 1995 but had several extramarital affairs, which many in Alpharetta know. The Sun reported that Marjorie met Ivey at an Alpharetta gym owned by Jim Chambers, who told the Daily Mail: “She socialized a lot with us. I remember one particular pool party where she was lying draped over Craig's lap drinking a beer. She was quite open about it. We all thought her marriage was falling apart. But then I took my son to her son's birthday party and things seemed totally normal between her and her husband — even if they were a little lukewarm.” Another person who worked closely with Marjorie added, “It wasn't a secret. Everyone who moved in her circles knew about both the affairs.”

Craig Ivey and Marjorie Taylor Greene began having an affair while she was working at CrossFit gym in 2012 (Facebook/Instagram)


One more person was quoted by the Daily Mail, who talked about Marjorie and Ivey’s affair. He said, “I know about it because I was a member of the gym. Certainly, she was screwing around. Guys talk and I know there was definitely sex involved. People don't make up stuff like that. They were spending a lot of time together, turning up at the gym in the same car. When I would suggest going out, Craig would say he had things to do with Marjorie.”

It was said that after things came to an end with the sex guru, Marjorie romanced Tway who was going through a divorce of his own at the time.

Justin Tway with his wife and Marjorie Taylor Greene (Justin Tway/Instagram, Getty Images)


“This seemed much more serious than the affair with Craig. That was more of a flirty thing. But with Justin, she seemed to have designs on a more long-term relationship. My impression is that she knew he might take over the gym and she wanted to be there right alongside him,” Chambers stated.

However, when Ivey, known as 'the tantric warrior' on social media, was asked about the affair, he responded, “I will not respond to anything about this.” While Tway said, “I have no interest in talking about anything to do with that woman. Everything with her comes to no good.”

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