'Celebrity IOU' Season 4: Halle Berry surprises her teacher with home makeover, fans call it 'tearjerker'

'Celebrity IOU' Season 4: Halle Berry surprises her teacher with home makeover, fans call it 'tearjerker'
Halle Berry with her teacher and the Property Brothers in 'Celebrity IOU' Season 4 (Instagram/halleberry)

Halle Berry is the newest celebrity to appear on The Property Brothers' HGTV show 'Celebrity IOU.' The artist put her demolition abilities to the test since she had a big surprise planned for her 40-year mentor.

The scene was captured in the show's season finale, which aired on Monday, June 6, at 9 pm ET. The actress collaborated with Property Brothers Jonathan and Drew Scott to remodel her fifth-grade teacher Yvonne's 1920s house. The brothers who assist celebrities like Ali Wong, Howie Mandel, Lisa Kudrow, Tiffany Haddish, and others surprise their beloved family and friends with a gorgeous house makeover star in HGTV's famed home restoration series 'Celebrity IOU.' The 'Catwoman' actress's bond with her teacher struck a chord with many viewers, and the episode featuring her left many in tears.


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Halle Berry's fifth-grade teacher, Yvonne in 'Celebrity IOU' Season 4 (HGTV)

Halle Berry, the megastar, wants to thank her fifth-grade teacher for having a profoundly good influence on her upbringing and identity. Drew and Jonathan are brought in to repay the favor and surprise her lifelong mentor with a luxury house remodel. Halle Berry is paying back to her fifth-grade teacher Yvonne, who has been her mentor for 40 years, by collaborating with Property Brothers on 'Celebrity IOU.' The 'Monster's Ball' actor poured her inner action-packed identities and parts into the house's remodeling and remodeling to pay honor to her teacher.

The actress spoke candidly about her teacher's influence on her life and personal development, saying: "If she hadn't come into my life, my life would have been completely different. She was really like a second mother in many ways. The 'Celebrity IOU' guest went on to talk about her youth and how her instructor, Yvonne, was an important part of her life while she resided in Cleveland, Ohio. "My mom was a single mom, so she worked a lot. My sister and I were very much latchkey kids. She sort of took me in under her wing. I had a white mother and she, being a Black woman, taught me about my culture. "The actress went on: "We had this thing called cookie talks. I would go to her house, and we would sit at the kitchen table and have really deep conversations."

As the actress went on to recall her past and the time she shared with her teacher, the episode left fans feeling nostalgic and emotional. One of the fans took to social media to share their feeling: "Watching #celebrityiou made me think of Mr Goldstein my fourth grade teacher who read to us after lunch and introduced me to the world of Narnia. Teachers are pure gold."


The bond the duo shares as teacher and student was very well-liked by the viewers as they wrote: "#CelebrityIOU was SO GOOD tonight. Teachers are everything. I would so do the same for so many of my teachers if I was able to!"


One fan summed up the entire episode by calling it a "tearjerker", as they wrote: "Just watched #CelebrityIOU & this one was a tearjerker! @halleberry @PropertyBrother @JonathanScott @MrDrewScott @hgtv"


Halle Berry assists in the destruction of the house in the season finale of the show, with the aid of 'Celebrity IOU' presenters Jonathan and Drew Scott. Her abilities as they worked together to wreck the kitchen amazed the boys. The hosts discovered that all of her action-packed film appearances had allowed her to relax into her role on the program and perform an excellent job on the demolition. Fans flocked to Twitter to express their appreciation as they flipped the house around in an unrecognizable manner. One fan wrote: "They designed the hell out of this home! It exudes so much class & style, fitting of a beautiful teacher & her Oscar winning student @halleberry. It's sophisticated but not fussy. Stylish, but functional. This was a great episode, all I needed to see was @vanhunt #CelebrityIOU"



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