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Miesha Tate denies Teddi Mellencamp a deal, 'Celebrity Big Brother' fans pan strategy

While Miesha refused to make a deal with Teddi might backfire on the show, however, she did manage to win some fans
'Celebrity Big Brother' stars Miesha Tate and Teddi Mellencamp (CBS)
'Celebrity Big Brother' stars Miesha Tate and Teddi Mellencamp (CBS)

If you thought you'd have to wait to watch the housemates plotting against each other and forming alliances on 'Celebrity Big Brother' Season 3, then you couldn't be more wrong. The new houseguests include an assorted mix of celebrities ranging from Emmy winner Carson Kressley to former NBA champion Lamar Odom. 

Before the houseguests had any time to get comfortable, it was already time for them to pick the first Head of the House (HOH). Julie Chen Moonves, the hostess of the show revealed that the celebrity who gets the title of the HOH would be safe from elimination that week, thus boosting their chances of winning the quarter-million-dollar grand prize awaiting the winner. All the celebrities began eyeing the title, but they would first have to win a challenge in order to get the title. The housemates were made to stand on a rope hanging onto a champagne bottle in order to win it. Miesha Tate, the professional wrestler managed to win the challenge and secure the title of HOH.


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Miesha Tate and other celebrities on 'Celebrity Big Brother' Season 3 (CBS)

While Miesha's win came as no surprise considering her wrestling experience, what surprised many was her reaction to her co-star's attempts at making a deal with her. Since the HOH gets to nominate two houseguests for elimination, everybody was trying to be on Miesha's good side and make a deal with her. When Todrick Hall sensed that he couldn't hang onto the rope any longer, he decided to play smart by making a deal with Miesha instead of trying to hang onto the rope any longer. He requested Miesha not to put him on the chopping block and Miesha agreed to it as she knew him and wanted to help him.

After watching Todrick and Miesha make a deal, 'RHOBH' star Teddi Mellencamp tried her luck as well by asking if Miesha would keep her safe as well. The wrestler said no and pointed out how it's too early on in the competition to make deals and promises. In her green room interview, Miesha explained that she saved Todrick because she knew him but wasn't going to go around making promises to everybody in the house.

Even though Teddi was taken aback, she accepted her fate and dropped down from the rope making Miesha the winner of the HOH title. After fans watched the exchange between Miesha and Teddi they began wondering if it was a smart move on Miesha's part to flat out deny Teddi's request for deal. A fan tweeted, "So Miesha or whatever her name is thinks flat out denying someone safety after winning first HOH is a good strategy. I may loathe Teddi but that wasn't very smart but do you girl #BBCeleb #CBBUS3 #CelebrityBigBrother." Another fan wrote, "Teddi will hold a grudge against Miesha until the day she dies over that. #CBBUS3 #BBCeleb." "Miesha might've won HoH but promising Todrick safety and then shutting down Teddi right after that will prob come back 2 bite her in the ass #BBCeleb," added a fan.




Teddi Mellencamp on 'Celebrity Big Brother' Season 3 (CBS)

While Miesha's move to refuse making a deal with Teddi might backfire on the show, she managed to win over fans though. A fan shared, "Todrick: "Miesha, if I drop will you save me?" Miesha: Sure Teddi: "Miesha, if I drop will you save me too? Miesha: Meh I already like Miesha. #CelebrityBigBrother." Another fan expressed, "#CelebrityBigBrother Miesha to Toddrick you're safe. Miesha to Teddi it's too early to make deals. Miesha won me over! @MieshaTate @CBSBigBrother." "Best moment of the night when #meisha denied Teddi #friendship #CelebrityBigBrother," declared a fan.




'Celebrity Big Brother' Season 3 airs on multiple nights each week throughout February, with the finale on Wednesday, February 23. 

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