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'Ceilings trend' on TikTok is making people groove to their favorite song

The ‘Ceilings trend’ started to catch on by the end of January 2023 but it really took off in late February and early March 2023
People are lip-dubbing to the 'Ceilings' song while running and dancing in floor length gowns (TikTok Session/Youtube)
People are lip-dubbing to the 'Ceilings' song while running and dancing in floor length gowns (TikTok Session/Youtube)

The ‘Ceilings trend', which takes its name from Lizzy McAlpine's 2020 hit ‘Ceilings’, features TikTok users movingly lip-syncing their favorite song. McAlpine's song has become a new sensation on the social media platform, thanks to TikTokers and her followers.

 Beca, a 17-year-old model and TikTok influencer (@nottrebeca), posted a video in which she can be seen strolling down a desolate beach after dusk. She starts to sprint as the chorus gets louder until eventually tumbles to her knees. Beca's video has gotten over 1.9 million views and over 460,000 likes since it was posted.


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What is the ‘Ceilings trend’ on TikTok?

The ‘Ceilings Trend’ is a TikTok trend where players lip-dub to the song while running and dancing around dramatically outside. The participant frequently wears a dress or removes a layer of clothing to reveal a floor-length gown underneath as the music builds. Towards the end of January 2023, the fad started to catch on, and in late February and early March 2023, it really took off.


Influencer Jen (@sohltrain) on TikTok came to a similar conclusion about the song's significance. In an airy, light blue robe, she can be seen ambling through the woods. She has even been compared to 'a princess' by commenters. More than 2.5 million people have seen and liked Jen's video.

The popularity of the TikTok trend

Throughout February and March 2023, the trend gained more and more traction. Many participants started the trend while wearing a long, flowing dress; they would sometimes cover it up at first and then remove it as the song progressed. For instance, TikToker @anna.mayz posted a video like this on February 12th, and it received over 16 million views in a month.


Victoria Justice, an actress and performer, started the trend on TikTok on February 25 and received over 9.4 million views in just two weeks. On February 26th, TikToker @sssophiaaad posted a video in which she tried to teach her dad how to follow the trend. In almost the same amount of time, the video received over 10 million views.