Capt Jeffrey Brienza: NYPD boss accused of raping retired Black cop for a year

Accuser Gillian Roberts who is now suing for unspecified damages says Brienza even changed her schedule to ensure he would have more time with her

                            Capt Jeffrey Brienza: NYPD boss accused of raping retired Black cop for a year
Jeffrey Brienza of NYPD is accused of raping ex-cop Gillian Roberts every day for a year (NYPD44p/Twitter)

Trigger Warning: Sex assault, graphic content

A retired New York Police Department cop who was assigned to the Yankee Stadium's detail has accused her captain of rape. Gillian Roberts has claimed that her boss Capt. Jeffrey Brienza raped her "nearly every game day" for a year at best. She has now filed a lawsuit against him and is seeking $35 million in unspecified damages. 

Speaking of cops gone rogue, former lieutenant of NYPD's 44th precinct Lt Nick McGarry was seen stationed in a chair at Rory Dolan's bar, smiling ear to ear, and straddling rookie cop Vera Mekuli who was giving him a lap dance. He was immediately demoted after the video of the incident went viral and booted to the Transit District 12. As for Mekuli, a former real estate agent, she escaped without disciplinary action as her colleagues believed it was McGarry who "f**ed up" while she was just trying to earn some "cool points" as a rookie. She also grinded on the lap of another officer who remains unidentified. In June this year, rape and sodomy accusations rocked NYPD after officer Maria Mendez filed an explosive lawsuit against her former employees claiming she was tortured for years and whatever complaints she made fell on deaf ears. 


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Brienza manipulated Roberts before having unconsented sex 

Gillian Roberts a Black cop who has been with the force since 1988 worked as an officer in Long Island City and Queens for more than 20 years before being transferred to the Yankee Stadium detail in March 2020. The suit alleges that Brienza who is now stationed at the 25th Precinct 'almost immediately' took interest in Roberts, often administering preferential treatment and being 'overly attentive' towards her. Court documents say Roberts was not happy about the dynamic between her and the captain and she felt "trapped" and felt helpless. Roberts said things became worse to a point where she  “felt that she was no longer there to perform the duties of a police officer, but to provide unconsented sex to the Captain.”

Court documents say  Brienza isolated her from the rest of the officers and even took charge of her schedule to ensure they were spending as much as time possible together, even making Roberts his personal driver. Roberts says the first assault took place at the end of a shift in June 202. She claims he entered the women's restroom while Roberts was using it and forced her to perform unprotected oral and vaginal sex with him. She alleges to have yelled "No!" to which Brienza responded "Yes!" after which he proceeded to place his hands around her neck and ejaculated inside of her, the documents say. 

She says Brienza became "even more possessive" after the first assault and continued to rape her "nearly every game day" and "most non-game days when they were on duty at the same time when he would arrange for them to be alone." He allegedly silenced Roberts by threatening to ruin her career. The lawsuit also claims that Brienza forced Roberts to make a stop at certain locations when returning back home where he would meet her and rape her orally. She claims that the other officers turned on her by calling her the "Captain's girl" which made her feel like no one would defend her if she were in danger. She opted for early retirement from the force on November 30, 2021 despite the fact that she'd have liked to stay on the job for a longer period. Her retirement comes two months after she reached out to the InternalAffairs Bureau about the alleged abuse. An investigation in the matter is underway. 

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