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Kanye bestie Candace Owens calls out Balenciaga and Kim Kardashian for 'sexual exploitation of children'

In a lengthy Instagram rant, Candace Owens slammed Kim Kardashian for her silence on Balenciaga's recent campaign while praising Kanye West
UPDATED NOV 23, 2022
Kanye West, Candace Owens, and Kim Kardashian (Photo by Victor Boyko/Getty Images For Kenzo, & Candace Owens & Kim Kardashian's Instagram)
Kanye West, Candace Owens, and Kim Kardashian (Photo by Victor Boyko/Getty Images For Kenzo, & Candace Owens & Kim Kardashian's Instagram)

TENNESSEE, NASHVILLE: With luxury fashion house Balenciaga coming under fire over their latest campaign featuring kids holding teddy bears donned in BDSM gear while promoting its latest kidswear collection, Candace Owens decided to chime in. The popular television personality decided to utilize the opportunity to not only call out Balenciaga for "sexual exploitation of children", but to also show her firm support to her best friend Kanye West while calling out the rapper's ex-wife Kim Kardashian for maintaining "deafening silence" on the issue.

Kim, who is the official ambassador of Balenciaga's ambassador, recently managed to trigger the internet when she decided to share a post on Instagram to promote Adidas' and Balenciaga's latest collaboration. Despite Balenciaga issuing an apology for its recent campaign, the brand continued to receive heat for coming up with such a problematic campaign in the first place featuring underage kids holding teddy bears clad in BDSM gear. Alongside Balenciaga, Kim too drew in some of the flak for her silence and not calling out the brand. Candace decided to latch onto this and slammed Kim for not disassociating herself from Balenciaga and not issuing any public statement calling out the brand unlike when she decided to call out her ex-husband Ye for his anti-semitic statements.


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You can listen to Candace Owen's entire rant against Kim Kardashian and Balenciaga here:


In an eight-minute long clip shared on her Instagram account, Candace touched on various topics ranging from the alleged "pedophile ring in Hollywood" and big names like Balenciaga "displaying child pornography". She also called out the brand for banking on the Ashcroft versus the Freedom of Speech Coalition to go ahead with the controversial campaign. Candiace said, "OK, then they shot another photo from the campaign and it's the same exact campaign. And there is a Balenciaga purse. And under the purse there's a lot of papers. When you zoom in to the papers, what you will see is it is a Supreme Court decision. The Supreme Court decision was Ashcroft versus the Freedom of Speech Coalition." "The Freedom Coalition for Speech. Right. That was a decision that the Supreme Court struck down certain aspects of child, virtual child pornography. Okay? So essentially, they are putting these papers that was the Supreme Court decision to struck down certain laws pertaining to virtual child pornography under the purse so there is no confusion where they stand," she added.

"They are happy that the Supreme Court decided to get rid of virtual child pornography laws which now allows them to have these children that are holding these bears that are in BDSM poses. I am so disgusted. I am angry. I want to be shrinking. Like I said, I'm trying to stay calm in this," she continued. The television personality also highlighted how her best friend Ye has been pretty vocal about the "overt sexualization of children" in Hollywood, while pointing out Kim's blatant disregard to it, by accusing him of being 'bi-polar and a liar". "The whole world wants to cancel Ye. Who cares? I decided I want to stand by him as a friend because I know that he's talking about important things like child exploitation in Hollywood, and we do need to have a conversation about that," continued.

Candance Owens urged Kim Kardashian to delete all her posts related to Balenciaga from her Instagram (Candace Owens/ Instagram)
Candace Owens urged Kim Kardashian to delete all her posts related to Balenciaga from her Instagram (Candace Owens/ Instagram)

Candace ended her long rant by urging Kim to adopt the same energy she did with condemning her ex's anti-smeitic statements, and issuing a public statement claiming she'll no longer be representing Balenciaga. "But I know that since you (Kim) found that energy to condemn that antisemitism, that you are going to find that same energy, that same exact effing energy to stand up and to condemn Balenciaga. Because, girl, we know that you are desperate for fame. You sold your own body for it. We know that all you ever want in your life was to be invited to Balenciaga parties and to be invited to places that Anna Wintour are. But we know that at the same time you are going to find a little bit of whatever soul you have left to take a strong stance against child pornography and pedophilia," Candace shared. 

This isn't the first time that Candace has openly supported Ye. Earlier this year, Candace made headlines when she labeled Kim as a "prostitute" and wore a 'White Lives Matter' T-shirt alongside Ye during Paris Fashion Week.