Camila Cabello ‘Oh Na Na’ Fan Review: New bilingual single ‘started another pandemic’

The song acts as a second single from her upcoming third studio album titled ‘Familia’

                            Camila Cabello ‘Oh Na Na’ Fan Review: New bilingual single ‘started another pandemic’
Camila Cabello (Photos by [email protected]_cabello)

Camila Cabello made the weekend all the way more special for her fans after she dropped her brand new single called ‘Oh Na Na’ on Friday, October 29. The fresh single is a bilingual number that also features artiste Myke Towers on the guest verse. What caught everyone’s attention was Camila rapping a few lines in Spanish.

The Cuban-born singer’s new Friday release is a follow-up to her hit summer track ‘Don’t Go Yet’. Cabello’s ‘Oh Na Na’ was released via Epic Records on all the leading streaming platforms. The new track by Cabello did manage to get some attention as the former Fifth Harmony member had teased the song a day before on her official Instagram account. While the loyal fans of the 24-year-old crooner claimed it was a banger others said the song “started another pandemic.”
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Is Camila Cabello’s new single a hit or a miss?

The Internet got divided after Cabello’s song hit the Internet. Even though she enjoys a massive fan following across social media, she failed to create a buzz among other new Friday releases. ‘Oh Na Na’ has been produced by Tainy. Cabello did not spill any details on the song’s music video. The newly released number acts as a second single from her upcoming third studio album titled ‘Familia’. The song has been penned by Cabello, Towers and Tainy along with Ilya Salmanzadeh, Savan Kotecha, Alejandro Borrero, Ivanni Rodríguez and Rickard Goranssonand.

Speaking of the lyrics, in the chorus, the ‘Senorita’ hitmaker croons, “Like Oh,na-na-na-na-na/ Na-na-na-na-na / Say Oh, na-na-na-na-na/ Na-na-na-na-na / Say Oh, na-na-na-na-na " She then quickly raps three lines in Spanish that translate to, “And we follow him dancing, yeah/ And we keep dancing, yeah/ And I still like you.” In her verse, Cabello sings, “Oh, na, na, na/ Feelin' kinda mighty, ya, ya, ya/ Go ahead and bite me, rah, rah, rah/ Rum and cola to take you over, na, na, na/ Tell me that you want this "La, la, la"/ Love it when you talk that, blah-blah -blah/ Time is tickin ', I'm waitin'”.



‘Started another pandemic’, claims Twitter

Shedding light on the new release, one loyal fan of Camila Cabello asserted, “This is such a banger! ...but camila you doing rap in spanish harlem is life! can you please! please! include that in your album please WE NEED THAT!!! maybe even as a bonus track please!!!” Another shared, “This song needs a clip please camila is all i ask.” One stated, “This song is so latin, i can't stop dancing here in the bedroom.”
Another claimed, “I love the song, and the rhythm, OMG !!!!!!” One, however, slammed the singer and tweeted, “She’s over. She only tries to so her hit single havana over and over again.” On similar lines, another user added, “Nobody will be streaming.” One praised the singer for raping in Spanish, “Camila Cabello rapping in spanish for oh na na. that’s it, that’s the tweet.” One individual shared, “Oh Na Na by Camila Cabello is for hot bi**hes so if it’s not hitting  then….. idk what to tell you.” Another concluded while trolling Camila Cabello saying her song “started another pandemic.”




















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