Is Calum Hood OK? 5SOS singer posts cryptic tweets for bandmates

In one tweet, Calum Hood referred to Ashton Irwin as 'daddy'

                            Is Calum Hood OK? 5SOS singer posts cryptic tweets for bandmates
When one fan asked if he was doing fine, Calum Hood simply replied it with a 'no' (Cindy Ord/Getty Images)

Australian boy band 5 Seconds of Summer also stylized as 5SOS last dropped their album in March 2020 and the group has been mired in several controversies since then. The band’s lead guitarist Michael Clifford got accused of sexual assault in June 2020 and things have never been the same again. Now, it looks like the bassist of the renowned pop-rock band Calum Hood was missing his co-members as he took to his Twitter to check on them.

However, looking at his tweets, fans wondered if Calum’s Twitter account got hacked as the cryptic posts did not sound right to them. The 25-year-old singer-songwriter first tagged Michael Clifford in his tweet asking him when is he going to stream next and in the next post, he tagged drummer Ashton Irwin asking him to check his DMs. The second tweet caused much uproar as he labeled Ashton as “daddy” on the micro-blogging site. Calum Hood and Michael Clifford are two members from the band who are out of action as Ashton had announced his solo album, ‘Superbloom’, in September 2020 whereas singer Luke Hemmings also took the solo path and announced his debut project called ‘When Facing the Things We Turn Away From’ which is all set to hit the Internet on August 13, 2021, via Sony.
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Is Calum Hood OK?

The two tweets posted by Calum Hood led to a whole new discussion if Calum Hood was OK. When one fan asked if he was doing fine, he simply replied it with a “no”. However, looking at his reply and his tweets many were not sure if it was actually Calum Hood who was sharing them as he first checked on Michael who has been laying low since he got accused of sexual assault and then he tagged Ashton calling him “daddy”. In his first tweet, Calum said, “@Michael5SOS when r u streaming next.” And, the next said, “@Ashton5SOS check ur dms daddy.”

5 Seconds of Summer might be out of action but they never really announced their split. Their last album released in March 2020 was titled ‘Calm’, which included songs like ‘Red Desert’, ‘No Shame’, ‘Old Me’, ‘Easier’ and 'Teeth’ among others. The band has earned several accolades and awards since its inception in 2011. They have been honored with the prestigious APRA Outstanding International Achievement Award in 2019 and also got placed on Billboard's Top Artists of the 2010s chart.





‘Be honest who hacked you’

Looking at the cryptic tweets of Calum Hood, social media users rushed to Twitter to check on the bassist as the majority of them thought his account got hacked. Speaking on the same lines, one user asked, “Be honest who hacked u.” Another confident user said, “Nah @Calum5SOS is hacked because he doesn’t type in all lowercase.”
The next one added, “I can’t tell if someone hacked his account or if he’s just going through his Ashton phase.” One posted, “Three words, one reason: calum is hacked, he made either luke ashton or michael mad.”  Meanwhile, one said, “Calum have you been hacked blink twice for help.” One fan said, “Answer if you were hacked or kidnapped.” Whereas, another concluded, “@Calum5SOS post a selfie so we know you aren’t hacked by a 14 y/o bestie.”