Is Calum Hood dating? Fans fawn over 5 Seconds of Summer bassist's new curls, say 'he kept his promise'

'Calum kept his promise omg he brought back his curls,' said a fan

                            Is Calum Hood dating? Fans fawn over 5 Seconds of Summer bassist's new curls, say 'he kept his promise'
Calum Hood (Getty Images)

5 Seconds of Summer fans can’t get over Calum Hood’s new blond curls. As the fans fawn over the singer’s hair, some have reminded that Calum knows how to keep a promise. Calum, 23 has always been very private about his personal life. And the singer being discreet only adds to his charm as the fans celebrate even the crumb of an update of his private life that they can get from the Internet. 

In a recent video from Tiktok, which is reportedly taken at Michael’s Air Bnb, a person posted an update that shows Calum with a head full of blond curls. A fan posted the video stating, “EVERYONE STOP WHAT YOU’RE DOING ITS ALL OF 5SOS TOGETHER DJSKSKSISJ THE PERSON THAT RECORDED THIS IS STAYING AT MICHAEL’S GUEST HOUSE IM FUCKING CRYING LOOK AT THEM LOOK AT CALUM’S HAIR SHSISOWWOOEKDJDIKSKSKSKSKS I LOVE ALL OF THEM SO MUCH”


As per the official reports of 2020, Calum is officially single, even more reasons for his fans to claim him as their significant half, as they do which can be witnessed from the latest updates. 

A fan wrote, “I am sick and tired of people being rude about my boyfriend. He is mine. He is in love with me. Delete any pictures of him out of your camera roll that you ss because that is just creepy. Okay? Calum Hood is only allowed to be in my camera roll.” Another said, “CALUM MY PRETTY BOYFRIEND ILY”



Others are just as happy expressing their delight over the new hair, “CALUM FREAKING HOOD YOUR HAIR OMFG I HAVEN’T SMILED THIS MUCH IN FOREVER”. A fan shared a collage of Calum's all curly hair phase, "curly hair calum appreciation tweet" Another tweeted, “Calum Hood knew exactly what we all wanted so he said here are the curls front and CENTER”. A fan has also reminded that last year Calum talked about bringing back his curls and he kept his promise: "calum kept his promise omg he brought back his curls"





5 Seconds of Summer was last seen with a complete album ‘Calm’ in March. Their fourth studio album ‘Calm’ chartered in more than 25 countries, peaking in the 10 top on 17 charts and debuting atop the charts in four countries. The album’s commercial success made it their consecutive fourth No 1 album in the home country, Australia.

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