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Calm Strips on 'Shark Tank': What is the cost, who are the founders and how to use the sensory stickers

The one-of-a-kind sensory adhesive sticker, Calm strips help regulate restless energy
Luce Fuller and Michael Malkin on 'Shark Tank' (ABC, Christopher Willard)
Luce Fuller and Michael Malkin on 'Shark Tank' (ABC, Christopher Willard)

Do you find yourself often dealing with pent up energy or anxiousness? While fidget toys are known to help, they aren't exactly conspicuous. If you're looking for a sensory aid that can be used anytime and anywhere, then Calm Strips is exactly what you've been looking for!

But, the big question is, will Calm Strips be able to impress Mark Cuban, Daymond John, Kevin O'Leary, Lori Greiner and Robert Herjavec?


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What is Calm Strips?

The one-of-a-kind sensory adhesive sticker, Calm strips help regulate restless energy and promote focus. As per the brand's website: "Calm Strips are similar to stickers, but have a special reusable adhesive and two unique surface textures to choose from. Rubbing, scratching, or picking at your Calm Strips are great ways to help reduce fidgeting, increase focus, and regulate restless energy."

There is no age limit for Calm Strips, except the very young, and have proven to be beneficial to a wide range of people. The website states: "Calm Strips are for everyone! From age 6 to 80 and beyond, Calm Strips are enjoyed by students, teachers, fidgeters, anxiety warriors, and members of the BFRB, ADD, ADHD, and Autistic communities."


Who is the founder?

Michael Malkin is the founder of Calm Strips. He studied at the Old Dominion University and has a Graduate Certificate in Project Management as well as a Bachelor of Arts degree. Prior to starting Calm Strips, he was the manager at an Apple store. Micheal mentions that Calm Strips was created out of need. "As someone who has dealt with social anxiety and situational anxiety for as long as I can remember, I've found that what helped me to kind of calm down or to ground myself in that moment is touch." he said on the website.

"At my former job, on days when we got busy, I would get really anxious and I would start drumming with my hands a lot. People would be like, "Are you a drummer?" Though I'm not a drummer, I just needed to do something to get that energy out. A friend had told me about wrapping painter's tape around my finger and using that as a sensory method. I gave it a try and I actually found it quite helpful, especially during those very anxious moments. Unfortunately, the downside of that was, my fingers would get really sticky and it wasn't a great look visually, especially while I was working." he added. Inspired by the painter's tape idea, Micheal went on to create Calm Strips.

What is the cost and where to buy?

A set of 5 strips retail from $12.99 onwards and can be purchased on the brand's website.


Where is Calm Strips now?

Calm Strips certainly has quite the fan following. The brand recently hosted a design contest, where the winning entry was featured on their own set of Calm Strips. The brand announced the winner via Instagram and the post's caption read: "There's so much excitement going on right now, we just couldn't wait another moment to officially introduce a NEW addition to our shop 🌈RADIANT🌈 designed by the very talented Art Contest Winner @druidmel 🎨🎉! BIG THANKS to all of you who voted on the final name of this design! 🌈RADIANT🌈 is now available to purchase in our River Rocks shop page🛒"


Who will steal the deal?

It's hard to tell who might steal the deal, but depending on the numbers, there is a good chance Robert Herjavec might be the one to take the bet. 


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'Shark Tank' Season 13 Episode 13 airs on ABC on January 218, 2022, at 8 pm ET