BTS spotted filming in South Korea, fans debate if it's for 'Run BTS' or the new Disney+ show

BTS spotted filming in South Korea, fans debate if it's for 'Run BTS' or the new Disney+ show
Members Jungkook, Jin, RM, Jimin and J-Hope of BTS were recently spotted filming together which has fans thinking about their so-called hiatus (@jin/Instagram)

The hiatus news of one of the biggest boy bands in the world received a sour reception when members of BTS got together on June 15 to explain their struggles after living together for the last nine years. BTS members explained how they were finally moving out of their dorms and were going to take a hiatus from group activities to focus on their solo careers. The news was initially misconstrued and members themselves had to clarify to fans that they were not going anywhere.

RM (Kim Namjoon), the leader of BTS, wrote to fans in a lengthy post that BTS was just taking a short break after a successful comeback. He added that the boy group was not going anywhere and was here to stay for a long time, and it looks like that just might be true after all. There has been no break for the members ever since as they are constantly seen with each other. Hardly a month after the initial announcement of BTS’ short break, members of the boy group are already hanging out together and ARMYs are sure it means the boys are filming something special for them.


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BTS spotted together filming in South Korea

On July 12, Jin of BTS took to Instagram to post a set of photographs showing himself being hounded by the other BTS members, namely RM, J-Hope, Jimin, Jungkook, and V (Kim Tae-hyung). As an ongoing BTS tradition, it is a known fact that members do not want their “world wide handsome hyung” to be left alone. This is why every time Jin tried to take a photo of himself, he was interrupted by some member. Keeping that tradition going, this time around when BTS members were at the Jamsil Olympic Stadium, Jin thought it was the best chance for him to take photos of himself.

To his surprise - and that of fans’ - all of BTS' members photo-bombed the oldest members’ photos and the series of pics eventually featured an irritated Jin who just wants to take nice pictures and his hoobaes (juniors) who won’t leave him alone. On the same day, Korean media spotted BTS members together in front of their old company building. Back when HYBE was not a multi-conglomerate, BTS was part of the company Big Hit Music (which is now under HYBE).

Fans theorize BTS filming together amid their hiatus

The sighting has raised curiosity among fans who wonder if BTS’ new filming schedule means their ongoing variety show ‘Run BTS’ will finally make a comeback, as promised by members themselves. On the other hand, fans are also curious if the new filming schedule for all BTS members but Suga means that the boys are playing a prank on the member who was missing from the shoot.

Another prospective guess is that the members are possibly filming their upcoming documentary for Disney+ where they talk about their origins and share their journey right from their pre-debut to the recent years of their success. Either way, having BTS members film together has fans joking about how the hiatus is one of the most “non-hiatuses” to come from any K-pop group. One fan said, “That was the most unhiatus of all hiatuses I have ever seen." One guessed, "They're filming (Run BTS??) in front of their old dorm." Another suggested, "If they were filming run bts, maybe it's the episode they suggested where they choose a place and all 7 have to meet up in that location? That also ended with "What if 1 person goes somewhere else?" It's Jamsil Stadium here."


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One fan asked, "Are Bangtan filming Run BTS? IDK. I'm waiting for the comeback." Someone added, "I wonder will this be included in their Disney Plus documentary series Maybe they're filming for a Run BTS episode In any event I am excited to see what Bangtan Boys are upto in real-time." One fan said, "I think @BTS_twt is filming for the Disney+ documentary since they’re going back to their old stomping grounds, not Run BTS. Exciting!" Someone said, "And bts filming at nonhyeon. every day i open this app. every day it's something. hiatus who?" Another fan summarized, "Not even a full month into the hiatus and so far weve had jack in the box announcement, more, hobi headlining lolla, taehyung in paris, wooga in the soop, in the seom release, new docuseries announced, bts busan concert announced, and bts filming something at jamsil...... BTS might be getting a bit of a break but we sure as hell arent."









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