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BTS RM shares photo of his fresh ankle tattoo, fans are convinced BTS got matching tattoos

BTS' leader RM becomes the third BTS member to flaunt his '7' tattoo online
UPDATED JUN 10, 2022
After BTS' leader RM posted an Instagram story about his new '7' tattoo, fans wonder if the boy group got matching tattoos to celebrate their ninth anniversary (Big Hit Music)
After BTS' leader RM posted an Instagram story about his new '7' tattoo, fans wonder if the boy group got matching tattoos to celebrate their ninth anniversary (Big Hit Music)

BTS' leader RM (Kim Namjoon) dropped a photo of his ankle online and all hell broke loose as fans began wondering if the boy group got matching tattoos to commemorate the release of BTS' new album, 'Proof'. The album is BTS' first anthology album and was released as a chronicle of the boy group's last nine years in the industry. With this, it was also announced that BTS was not going to end their journey as artists but the 48-track album 'Proof' was just the last leg of their Chapter 1 and there was more to come from the boys in the future. 

Over the last few months, members RM and V (Kim Taehyung) have been talking to fans about getting new tattoos where on one hand RM, the spoiler king of BTS teased that he would be getting a tattoo dedicated to BTS' lucky number - 7 whereas V got in a fun argument with a fan who tried to stop him from getting a tattoo only for the singer to suggest that he would do as he wishes and would possibly get a new tattoo on his butt. All in all, BTS members have been hinting at getting a group "friendship tattoo" to celebrate being together in the boy group for the last nine years and it seems like the day is finally here where the septet got matching tattoos.


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BTS RM (Namjoon) posts a photo with his fresh ankle tattoo joining BTS' tattoo line made up of Jimin and Jungkook (Big Hit Music)

BTS RM joins the Tattoo line with Jimin and Jungkook

Jimin is the oldest member of BTS' Tattoo line where the 27-year-old singer had been boasting rib tattoos for years. Not only that but Jimin's recent back tattoo proves that he really loves getting them like the back of his neck revealed one of the phases of the moon leading fans to believe that the 'Filter' singer had a string of the phases of the moon all over his back. After Jimin was BTS' maknae who first shocked fans with the tattoo dedicated to BTS and ARMY on his knuckles only for it to be revealed that the 25-year-old lead vocal of BTS had a full arm of tattoo which the golden maknae recently revealed to fans.

RM joins the two with his most recent tattoo that he shared with fans via his Instagram account as he revealed his simple ankle tattoo. On June 10, the day of BTS' comeback with 'Proof', RM posted a photo to his Instagram story that had fans wondering if the boy group got together to get their friendship tattoos as promised. While there is no confirmation from any other BTS member yet, the photo posted by RM has fans analyzing a host of theories including the fact that all BTS members possibly got a tattoo to celebrate their bond as a boy group and the many years they spent together. 

In one of his past VLive's RM has revealed that he and the rest of BTS had recently been talking about getting matching tattoos which could be something as simple as seven small dots or something that resembled the Big Dipper constellation - the one that is made up of seven stars which connect to make up the number 7. Back then RM had stated, "I could just go with a simple 7 tatted. But I just want to do something on my ankle, something simple." 


'It doesn't get more soulmate than this'

Now, with RM posting that he had already gotten the tattoo made, fans are sure that the rest of BTS got matching tattoos as well. One fan said, "Namjoon got his mots 7 font tattoo so I’m guessing bts all got matching tattoos as well of their own 7 font of mots 7 as well." Another fan said, "THEY GOT A 7 MATCHING TATTOOS????? IM GOING TO CRY BTS SOULMATES FOREVER." One fan asked, "PAUSE. DID BTS GET THE MATCHING TATTOOS." One fan said, "BTS GOT MATCHING 7 TATTOOS, CANT NOBODY TELL ME THEY DIDNT. WHO TOOK THAT PIC!??????? One fan said, "Me processing namjoons tattoo while run bts was still playing." One more fan added, "If this is BTS matching tattoos, I just hope no armys will copy this. I mean, this is so meaningful to them. Let them have this design please." One fan said, "So many things happening at the same time, the timeline is in chaos."

One fan said, "Wait hold on...they all got that SOULMATE TATTOOS?? Oh my lord someone hold me." One fan joked, "The rest of BTS watching hoseok get his 7 tattoo." Another fan said, "Not tattoos as their soul-bounding marks, refer to each other as mates,, everything’s pointing to bts being a pack idk." Another fan said, "YOU HAVE TO BE KIDDING ME BTS REALLY GOT A “7” MATCHING TATTOO ON THE DAY THEY RELEASED THEY ANTHOLOGY ALBUM CALLED “PROOF” IT DOESNT GET MORE SOULMATE THAN THIS." One more fan joked, "I just know jhope was looking at bts like this the whole time he got the tattoo."


















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