BTS 'Proof' Live: Boy group to host a live show with special guests and more events for ARMYs

BTS 'Proof' Live: Boy group to host a live show with special guests and more events for ARMYs
BTS will release their first anthology album, 'Proof' on June 10 with the title track 'Yet To Come' (Big Hit Music)

BTS is soon going to make their comeback with the release of their first anthology album 'Proof' which will be a chronicle of the boy group's nine years in the K-pop industry. BTS made its debut in 2013 and over the years, BTS ARMY, their fanbase has been their constant support system which is why the boy group will be hosting an array of special events for fans from South Korea to attend in-person as well as international fans who will be able to watch these events online. While the news of not meeting BTS in person will be disheartening for international fans, BTS has announced a new event for all fans of the group.

BTS is now calling fans to share their memories with BTS over the years via YouTube Shorts. On June 7, YouTube announced the #MyBTSstory Challenge exclusively for YouTube Shorts from June 11 to July 9 of 2022 where fans can post a short video of themselves enjoying the upcoming BTS album. The challenge will be held to commemorate the release of BTS' 'Proof' which drops on June 10 at 1 pm KST (12 am ET). Not only fans but BTS members will also be participating in the challenge by posting videos of their #MyBTSstory which will be released one after the other over the same period.


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BTS will be making a comeback with their anthology album, 'Proof' (Big Hit Music)

BTS to host a live show for ARMYs

BTS made its debut on June 13 back in 2013 which is why to celebrate the day of their anniversary, the boy group will be hosting a special event with "special guests". Recently it was announced that BTS would be making a comeback to music shows with Mnet's M Countdown, KBS' Music Bank and SBS' Inkigayo. It seems that BTS members want to host a special showcase only for the ARMY ahead of their music show appearances. On June 7, Big Hit Music announced that BTS will present the upcoming album 'Proof' Live through BTS' official YouTube channel 'Bangtan TV' at 9 pm KST (8 am ET) on June 13, the day of their ninth anniversary.

The live event for 'Proof' from BTS is a video content that will unveil the boy group's new album and the title track, 'Yet To Come' (The Most Beautiful Moment) for the first time, three days after its release. It is anticipated that BTS will take their time to introduce the new album to fans, an anthology album that consists of 3 CDs and 48 tracks in total. The poster for the event shows the seven BTS members, with their leader RM (Kim Namjoon) in the center as they are seated side by side with their backs to an outdoor stage set with musical instruments.

The poster also included the phrase "With Special Guests" which has raised anticipation for what BTS had in store for fans. Some fans have been anticipating the boy band Coldplay to make an appearance at the event too. 


BTS' M Countdown event for 4000 ARMYS

On the same day, it was also announced that since BTS is going to make their first music show comeback in two years at Mnet's 'M Countdown' on June 16, the event will be hosted for fans of the boy group. Music shows are usually hosted on-site where a limited number of fans of multiple groups attend but given the size of BTS' fanbase, Big Hit Music announced that a special showcase only for ARMYs will be hosted.


It has been reported that BTS will host a pre-recording for M Countdown at Jangchung Arena on June 13 which will be attended by 4000 ARMYs ahead of its official broadcast.

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