BTS on 'A Butterful Getaway': Air time, how to watch 'Permission To Dance' premiere and Naver Now show

'Permission To Dance' is a gift to BTS ARMY on the foundation day of the fan club and has been co-written by Ed Sheeran

                            BTS on 'A Butterful Getaway': Air time, how to watch 'Permission To Dance' premiere and Naver Now show
BTS 'Permission To Dance' will drop on July 9 (BTS Instagram)

BTS is ready to present another bop after 'Butter', the longest leading Billboard Hot 100 single by any group, and the anticipation about the new single 'Permission To Dance' is taking over social media. 'Permission To Dance', set to release on July 9 aka ARMY Day, will have its special stage premiere on Naver Now. Read on to know all about 'A Butterful Getaway' with BTS.

'Permission To Dance', a gift to BTS ARMY on the foundation day of the fan club has been co-written by 'Bad Habits' crooner Ed Sheeran and the British singer has already certified the upcoming single as his favorite track of BTS. The new track will 'move the rhythm in people's hearts', the label has teased prior to its much-awaited release. On July 9, the Grammy-nominated music group will be seen in an exclusive talk show 'A Butterful Getaway' on Naver Now following which the group will be performing the new single for the first time.


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Air time

The special talk show titled 'A Butterful Getaway' with BTS along with the performance stage will be airing on July 9 at 9 PM KST/ 8 AM Friday ET.


Where to watch

Catch the premiere stage of 'Permission To Dance' along with 'A Butterful Getaway' with BTS on Naver Now. Following the Naver Now stage, a performance stage will be released from HYBE Labels YouTube channel.


Check out the first teaser of the Naver Now show below.



More on 'Permission To Dance'

The surprise clues for 'Permission to Dance' were first announced after wrapping up the second day of the BTS Muster Sowoozoo concert in a quirky news segment. To celebrate the stellar success of Butter which has been the biggest hit of Bangtan Boys, Big Hit Music is releasing 'Butter' CD version in two variants including 'Peaches' and 'Cream' where a surprise track 'Permission To Dance' will be included. From the concert photos for 'Butter' CD version which caused a social media meltdown courtesy the hottest fit of Bangtan Boys with heart-shaped handcuffs and more, fans are sure that the new single will channel the group's incessant charisma and deliver yet another addictive hit for the summer. Watch the music video below.



A comeback show with BTS' live stage premiere has justifiedly caused the biggest hype on the micro-blogging site. Gushing over the new track, a fan wrote, "I can definitely tell that Permission To Dance going to be absolutely phenomenal and bigger than anything else in the century. Mark my words. BTS will be doing a special talk show and performance stage on 9th July at 9PM KST, 8 hrs after the release on "Naver NOW!" Another fan chimed in adding, "I have to endure the day till naver now and amazon performances... My heart can take just bits, and I hope they don't drop any surprise on us later..."




Join the countdown for 'Permission To Dance' by streaming 'Butter' below.


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