BTS Jungkook birthday: Fans donate $11K to 7 charities, hold 7 functions to celebrate

BTS Jungkook birthday: Fans donate $11K to 7 charities, hold 7 functions to celebrate
Fans have been donating to a large number of charities to celebrate BTS' Jungkook's birthday (@bts.bighitofficial/Instagram)

BTS has always acted like pioneers for fans who follow their every footstep. Members of BTS are extremely sensitive about problems in the world and always make it a point to donate to causes that are close to their hearts. Often, fans also participate in such actions of charity to show their love and support to members of BTS and make their birthdays more memorable.

Fans have donated to charities but have also made festive plans for members of BTS. V of BTS (Taehyung)’s birthday project for the year 2020 saw the grandest contributions from fans as they contributed funds to have a special message featured on the Burj Khalifa. To top that off, another group of fans contributed funds to have a message on one satellite in space. Now, fans are donating for Jungkook's birthday.


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Jungkook’s Chinese Fanbase

The 1st of September marks the birthday of BTS’ maknae (youngest) and just like all the other members love him, so do fans who love Jungkook. To celebrate his birthday this year, fans came out to donate to various charities and gather blessings and best wishes for their idol.

Jungkook’s Chinese fan club 'Jungkook China' (@jungkook__china) confirmed through Twitter that they had donated a total of 70,000 yuan (about $10,800) to 7 different charities in the name of 'Jeon Jeong-guk' — Jungkook’s birth name — to celebrate his birthday. Another Indonesian fanbase of Jungkook is said to have adopted more than 4,000 sea turtles to help save the endangered species.


Seven Projects for Jungkook

Seven is a special number for BTS and the fans always keep that in mind. Hence, the Chinese fanbase chose 7 charities to donate 10,000 yuan each. The charities are Child Protection, ‘Stand by Her’, Mobile COVID Testing Labs, Help Impoverished Mothers, Stray Pet Rescue, Sichuan Flood Relief and Child Abduction Prevention. Not only this but they have also organized 7 different projects to celebrate his birthday around the world.

For this, they have organized 7 different events in regions like NYC in the USA, Seoul in South Korea, country-wide Promotion in South Korea, London in the UK, Shanghai in China, Paris in France and Milan in Italy.

Find out more about the projects here:


Other fanbases join in

On August 20, one of Jungkook's fanbases called 'Golden Jungkook Union' made a donation under his stage name of 'Jeon Jungkook' to two different charities namely, 'International Rescue Committee' and 'Partners In Health', which are helping the needy with respect to the desperate situation in Afghanistan and Haiti. The fanbase encouraged more donations from other fans stating, “We will continue to use our platform and Jungkook's influence to help those in need.”


On August 18, Jungkook's another fanbase called 'Jungkook International' reported on Twitter that they had made a donation to 'Women for Women International', an international emergency support organization that helps Afghan Women as a way to donate for Jungkook's birthday. They reported stating, “We want to use this platform to encourage others to pray and make donations for Afghanistan.”


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