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BTS and Blackpink fans think V-Jennie are being too obvious with their couple photos on Instagram

After wearing similar baseball caps while in New York, both BTS V and Blackpink Jennie posts more similar pictures in their respective Instagram accounts
Fans conclude that both Jennie and V of BTS and Blackpink are making it way too obvious that they are in a relationship (@thv, @jennierubyjane/Instagram; Big Hit Music)
Fans conclude that both Jennie and V of BTS and Blackpink are making it way too obvious that they are in a relationship (@thv, @jennierubyjane/Instagram; Big Hit Music)

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA: Every single day comes with new development in the good old BTS V and Blackpink Jennie dating rumor. For the uninitiated, the rumor started when an alleged fake photo of V (Kim Taehyung) and Jennie of BTS and Blackpink respectively was released online when the two idols were on trips to Jeju Island for their respective solo gigs. The photo was immediately debunked and revealed to be synthesized but following that, there had been many photos to allege that V-Jennie are dating.

One after the other, there were many alleged leaked photos online where V and Jennie were apparently together and rumored to be dating but with no statement from HYBE Labels or YG Entertainment, fans took to themselves to investigate the leaked photos and conclude that they were all fake. But it seems like the two idols themselves do not want to keep their alleged relationship private and are dropping hints via their respective Instagram accounts to reveal it to fans.  


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Are V-Jennie posting 'couple photos' on Instagram?

After it was announced that BTS V will be going to New York, the USA on the same days as Blackpink members were supposed to be in the city to attend the 2022 MTV Video Music Awards (VMAs). The media immediately reported that V was in the states to support Jennie for her first US performance but YG Entertainment clarified on behalf of Jennie that she was in the states for work only.

While the two idols have since returned from the states, their Instagram handles are now full of 'obvious hints' that allege that #TAENNIE (Taehyung and Jennie) could actually be real. On September 6, V took to Weverse to tell fans that he was soon going to drop many photos from his trip to the states. He did so a few hours after and made a carousel post, essentially a photo dump of his time in New York.

Out of all photos in V's said carousel, fans believe that two photos, in particular, are very similar to the photos Jennie posted in her photo dump from New York six days ago. Jennie made a post on Instagram on September 1 where she posted a photograph by the river which was similar to the photograph V posted. Not only that, but the BTS member also posted a photo from across New York's buildings and fans spotted a similar photo in Jennie's carousel post.


'I strongly believe Jennie and Tae are dating'

Fans are slowly coming to terms with the idea that V and Jennie could quite possibly be dating as one fan said, "Taehyung and jennie it is obvious that they are dating, how much fun they must have had in New York. We love." One fan said, "I strongly believe jennie and tae are dating like it’s sooo obvious the evidence even makes sense hashtag power couple." Another said, "Well the companies don't confirm it because it's true and apart from that if the artists in this case tae and jennie don't want to say it publicly they don't have to do it if they don't want to but the truth is obvious." 

One fan said, "Yeh I don’t get why they’re pushing that? It’s obvious that tae and Jennie went to that golf place on the day Jennie didn’t go back to the hotel with the members and that’s when tae got the hat and Jennie just wore it on the last day with rose before going back to Korea." One more fan said, "Last time Taehyung was in a dating rumor, Hybe denied asap like he did. For Jennie, its been since MAY, we had a bunch of leaked pics, private pic like the one he's spleeping on Jennie's couch, neither Hybe or Tae denied... Its OBVIOUS. Get over it : your bias has a life." Another fan said, "You don’t care about v’s feelings either so you’re a fake army. you’d rather live your fantasy than accept that tae is dating jennie.

Some fans however, do not believe in these 'hints' as one fan said, "Just saying..there are a lot of tweets I saw where genuine fans who are now convinced that #jennie and #taehyung are dating but are disappointed that tae and jen kinda took them for fools..where everything's obvious but no closure yet. Like when tae said "it's a scary app" when he "accidentally" followed Jennie but now it seems it was intentional." Another fan said, "Taennies arguements make no sense like they just speak in circles."









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