BTOB 'Be Together': Release date, music video and about 1st comeback post military

BTOB 'Be Together': Release date, music video and about 1st comeback post military
This is BTOB's first full comeback since 2018 (@OFFICIALBTOB/Twitter)

Fans are over the moon as we are finally getting a complete BTOB comeback. The current six members have reunited for the first time since 2018 when their military era started as they started enlisting in for their mandatory military service. While we did get sub-unit releases from BTOB4U which consisted of Eunkwang, Minhyuk, Changsub and Peniel, the rest were still in the military. With Hyunsik and Sungjae finally getting discharged, the band is back together again.

In late 2021, everyone was excited as Hyunsik and Sungjae were discharged together from their military service. We got a reunion fan meeting with the promise that they would make a comeback soon. And it looks like they have stuck to their word as we are getting their third studio album ‘Be Together’. And while leader Eunkwang, unfortunately, got Covid-19, comeback preparations are in full swing with BTOB’s label sharing that they will update on the promotional activities according to Eunkwang’s health.

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BTOB for the 'Be Love' concept (@OFFICIALBTOB/Twitter)

Release date

BTOB’s ‘Be Together’ will be released on February 21 at 6 pm KST (4 am ET).


Where to listen

Their third studio album will be available on all major music streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, MelOn and more.

The tracklist for 'Be Together' (@OFFICIALBTOB/Twitter)


1. ‘Intro: Footsteps’
2. ‘The Song’ - Title track
3. ‘Spring Blooms’
4. ‘Be Together’
5. ‘My Way’
6. ‘Whiskey’
7. ‘Interlude: Re’
8. ‘Lonely’
9. ‘Dance With Me’
10. ‘Higher’
11. ‘Thank You’
12. ‘Let It Go’
13. ‘Outro: Encore’

The title track ‘The Song’, an emotional ballad has been made by Hyunsik while the lyrics are written by him, Minhyuk and Peniel. It is a gift to fans who have been waiting for them as they sing about themes of loneliness and missing loved ones. Hyunsik has also worked on ‘Intro: Footsteps’, ‘Be Together’, ‘My Way’, ‘Interlude: Re’, ‘Lonely’, ‘Dance With Me’ and the ‘Outro: Encore’. Minhyuk and Peniel have written the lyrics for all of the tracks except for the intro and interlude. Minhyuk has also participated in composing ‘Spring Blooms’, ‘Whiskey’, ‘Higher’, ‘Thank You’ and ‘Let It Go’.


BTOB for the 'Be Blue' concept (@OFFICIALBTOB/Twitter)


BTOB has released two sets of concept photos. In the ‘Be Love’ version, the members are wearing sleek black outfits and posing on the seaside. For the ‘Be Blue’ version, they prove that they can still show off youthful and boyish charms as they wear soft pastel colors surrounded by flowers.


Music video

BTOB released a mood sampler in which Peniel narrates the emotions that surround love while the members write romantic letters to ‘Blue’ aka their fans recorded in hand-held cameras giving a retro feel. They then released a music video teaser for ‘The Song’ which continues from the mood sampler as we see a pile of letters. It then cuts to the members looking forlorn or wistful as they wait for their letters to be delivered.

Watch the mood sampler below:



Watch the music video teaser below:



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