Why did BTOB want to drop out of Mnet's 'Kingdom'? Changsub reveals the real reason

Why did BTOB want to drop out of Mnet's 'Kingdom'? Changsub reveals the real reason
BTOB talked about almost not appearing on Mnet's 'Kingdom' (@OFFICIALBTOB/Twitter)

BTOB’s sub-unit BTOB 4U which consists of Eunkwang, Minhyuk, Changsub and Peniel, appeared for a photoshoot in Arena Homme+ Korea in celebration of the group’s 10th anniversary. We had last seen them during the fierce survival show Mnet’s ‘Kingdom’. The hilariously upbeat K-pop group showed a serious and mature side to them during the photoshoot and then had a candid interview with the magazine.

Since the remaining members are currently completing their mandatory military service, it has just been these four boys for a while now. When asked about that and BTOB’s ambitions, the boys replied honestly. They stated, “I miss feeling the energy and interacting with each other. I want to feel the moment with Melody (their fans).” They also cheered Sungjae and Hyunsik and wished for them to come back soon so that they could be the noisy BTOB that everyone loves.



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BTOB for Arena Homme+ (@arenakorea/Instagram)

Changsub talks about 'Kingdom'

They also addressed the rumors about almost not participating in ‘Kingdom’. Minhyuk said that the group was truly upset with each other when they were first considering rejecting the offer to participate in the survival show. Minhyuk added that since they were like a veteran group, they had more to lose than win. They needed extra courage to accept it, but in the end, they did.

With no one naming any names, Changsub spoke up. He said that initially, he was the one who was completely against the idea. Till the very last minute, he adamantly stuck to his decision. But on seeing how eager Minhyuk was, he changed his mind. He said that he had never seen Minhyuk push for anything so desperately. So he decided to trust him. Minhyuk added that his support meant a lot.

However, it wouldn’t be a quintessential BTOB moment without the other members poking fun at each other. Eunkwang and Peniel joked that Minhyuk was way more appreciative since Changsub was playing hard to get. Minhyuk had said that it had been emotional which is why he chose this moment to talk about in the interview. Eunkwang quipped that he felt that way because Changsub was holding out for so long. He added that Changsub probably did it on purpose while Peniel agreed.

The group also stated on ‘Kingdom’ that they were actually glad they agreed since they got to have performances which they otherwise would have never done in their life. Getting out of their comfort zone, we saw some iconic performances from the rock version of ‘Back Door’ to the jazzy cinematic piece of ‘Blue Moon’. We definitely didn’t know what we were missing till we saw Peniel crumping to EXO’s 'Wolf'.


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