Ilhoon posts apology after being freed, BTOB fans say 'will always wait for you'

Ilhoon had been freed on probation after he received a 2-year prison sentence for smoking marijuana

                            Ilhoon posts apology after being freed, BTOB fans say 'will always wait for you'
Ilhoon writes to fan after getting free (@OFFICIALBTOB/Twitter)

Fans everywhere were angry that former BTOB star Jung Ilhoon was getting a severe sentence similar to those guilty for harsher crimes. The prosecution had asked for a four-year jail sentence as the K-pop idol was guilty of smoking marijuana over the last few years. He was then sentenced to 2 years in prison and fined 133 million won ($112K). After the court received more than 100 apology letters and petitions from Ilhoon and his fans, they were touched and agreed to an appeal.

The court saw his sincerity and claimed that since he was voluntarily receiving treatment for his mental health, he shouldn’t be given such a harsh punishment. Fans were relieved when on December 16, he was acquitted. Ilhoon has been freed on probation. Everyone rejoiced as they celebrated the ex-BTOB member coming back home. And finally, on December 23, he has also responded to the fans’ support by writing an apology letter.

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Ilhoon apologizes to fans

Ilhoon posted a lengthy handwritten letter about how he was self-reflecting and apologized for responding to fans so late. He shared that since he had after all violated the law he felt he deserved the criticism. He wrote to BTOB’s fandom, “I am very sorry that my mistake has caused deep wounds in your hearts. I am filled with regret because I feel that the love and memories we share have been tainted due to my wrongdoings and I am so ashamed of myself.” He added that he was grateful for the outcome of his case, would not take it for granted and would try not to hurt anyone again in the future by living an upright life.

Illhoon further shared, “I don't know how to live after I have lost a lot of precious people because of my mistake.” He said that he would be extra careful of his decisions and not make the same mistake again. He thanked those who had supported him and waited for his statement. He ended the letter by saying he was sorry. After posting the letter, he deleted all of his old Instagram posts. Fans also noticed that BTOB’s Peniel had liked the post of Ilhoon's apology letter. They were touched by his visible support for his former member.


Ilhoon will 'never be forgotten'

Fans have been trending Ilhoon as they made tweets like, “Melodys who witnessed ilhoon deleting his posts in real time but still keeps refreshing only to see the post count decrease fast...are a different kind of breed.” They added that they would never forget his time with BTOB, “Ilhoon with his brothers. These are precious memories that will never be forgotten.” Another Melody posted, “Starting from today, this is my stance: - its okay if he didn't rejoin btob - its okay if btob didn't mention him - its okay if he takes a break - its okay if they choose different path Whatever decision BTOB and Ilhoon take, I will support them.”

Another added, “Peniel liked Ilhoon’s ig post / letter. me crying because we all know the last person peniel sent off and the one he is also waiting for is ilhoon.” One fan shared, “This photo sequence huhu ilhoon, btob will always wait for you.” Another Melody said, “Ilhoon, if you decided to come back to us again in the future, please know that I’ll still be here supporting you in your new journey. I love you a lot.” However, one fan wrote, “There some comments asking him to come back to the industry asap. u might have good intentions, but pls don't put added pressure on ilhoon. now that he sees everything, encourage him to heal first. pls let him do everything he wants at his own pace. pls let him put himself first.”