Baeumlers break their 'cardinal rule' for filming 'Renovation, Inc: Home Sweet Home'

The Baeumlers' new home had only one-bedroom and needed a lot of renovation work to meet the needs of their growing family

                            Baeumlers break their 'cardinal rule' for filming 'Renovation, Inc: Home Sweet Home'
Sarah and Bryan Baeumler on their new HGTV show 'Renovation, Inc: Home Sweet Home' (HGTV)

The Baeumler family life can be best described as one long adventurous and bumpy ride. If watching Bryan and Sarah Baeumler take on the massive project of renovating and running an old, abandoned resort in the Bahamas left you shook, then their latest project, building a family home in the wilderness will definitely leave you shocked. Amid all the craziness of taking on massive projects, the Baeumlers stuck by one cardinal rule and preached the same to all their clients. But the famous HGTV family was left with no choice but to break the cardinal rule while building their family home on the new HGTV show- 'Renovation, Inc: Home Sweet Home'. 

If you're wondering what this sacred cardinal rule is, then we got you covered. The Baeumlers firmly believe against the practice of living in a house where major construction and renovation work is underway. For a host of reasons ranging from safety to the loud noises and disturbance that construction activities create, Bryan always advises his clients to move someplace else during the renovation or construction period. But the Baeumler family had to break their cardinal rule and live in their newly purchased home in the countryside while the renovation work was going on. Sarah was far from pleased with the decision, considering they just had a baby but was left with no choice.


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So, why did the Baeumlers break their cardinal rule? The family bought a beautiful home in the countryside that's spread across a cool 6.5 hectares, while the construction of their lake house was still underway. This means the Baeumlers have two homes and a lake house cottage property to take care of. After welcoming a new baby into their family, the couple was a bit cash-strapped when it came to maintaining all their properties. They put their old home for sale but while waiting for the right buyer for their old home, the couple decided to stay in their newly purchased family home.

Their new home had only one-bed room and needed a lot of renovation work to meet the needs of their growing family. During an interview with Global News, Bryan explained, "For the average family, I still strongly say if you’re doing a major builder reno like this, get out. Move away, let it happen. I think very few people would be in the same scenario we were: buying a house and building an addition directly attached to it with the goal of moving into the addition when it’s completed.” “I have a lot of practice and experience building and renovating homes, and my family has a lot of practice with a lot of people around and a lot of chaos. I think if you have a strong relationship, and a strong family, and an adventurous family, you can certainly get through it — but it’s certainly not for everyone," he cautioned.

We can't wait to watch all the crazy drama that's about to go down while constructing their family home on 'Renovation, Inc: Home Sweet Home'.

'Renovation, Inc: Home Sweet Home' airs every Sunday at 8/7c on HGTV.