'Renovation, Inc': Bryan-Sarah Baeumler struggle between balancing the budget and their clients' expectations

Bryan and Sarah continue to entertain us with their fights and love on 'Renovation, Inc'

                            'Renovation, Inc': Bryan-Sarah Baeumler struggle between balancing the budget and their clients' expectations
Sarah and Bryan Baeumler (Jarrett Ford/ HGTV)

Bryan and Sarah Baeumler managed to win our hearts after we watched them take on the ambitious project of renovating a resort they bought in the Bahamas. But before they decided on moving to the Bahamas for the adventure of a lifetime, the Baeumlers lived a fun life in Canada. 'Renovation, Inc', which is an interesting prequel series to the hit HGTV show 'Renovation Island', gives us a peek into how life was like for Baeumlers back home in Canada, before their big Bahamas adventure.

On 'Renovation Island', we saw Bryan and Sarah constantly get into fights over their working style, renovation and design ideas, and budgets. If you thought that the massive scale of the project might have led the couple to stress over it and had them frequently locking horns, then you might want to reconsider. Even on 'Renovation, Inc', we saw Bryan and Sarah getting into a bit of squabble.

In the pilot episode of HGTV's new series, we saw contractor Bryan enlisting the helo of his wife, Sarah, to help him with his retail customers. While he expected Sarah to just focus on the customer's interior designing needs and work with him, Sarah, on the other hand, viewed the offer as a partnership offer. Before Bryan reluctantly agreed to Sarah's partnership deal, he reminded her that theirs was a construction company, and construction is the main priority over interior decor. 

The couple then went over to meet their first clients, James and Lisa. The young couple, who bought a fixer-upper house with the hopes of renovating it to meet their growing family's needs, had a huge wishlist when it came to what they wanted. From a brand new state-of-the-art kitchen to a fireplace, the couple had quite a wishlist. But their modest budget wouldn't allow them to meet all their requirements. So, Bryan and Sarah crunched the numbers to see how much their wishlist would cost, so that they could give the couple the estimate, and allow them to decide what they wanted to retain and what they would let go off from their wishlist.

James and Lisa tell Bryan that they were willing to let go of a brand new staircase, and were still keen on having a luxurious bathroom in their house. Later, when Sarah and Bryan sit down to see how they can work things out, Bryan tells her that the couple still wanted a staircase. This frustrates Sarah because she feels that the couple told them one thing, and Bryan interpreted it as something else. They get into a small fight over it. In her green room interview, Sarah explains how it is trickly to balance their clients' expectations and deadlines alongside the budget. We can't wait to see how Bryan and Sarah manage to pull off their retail project. Knowing Bryan and Sarah, we are sure that the finished product will be a masterpiece.

'Renovation, Inc' airs every Sunday at 8/7c only on HGTV. 

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