Is Britney Spears joining OnlyFans? Singer's NUDE photos on Instagram spark rumors

Is Britney Spears joining OnlyFans? Singer's NUDE photos on Instagram spark rumors
Britney Spears posed in the nude yet again for Instagram (Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images, Instagram)

Britney Spears decided to drop her clothes yet again for the gram as she posted two completely nude photos on January 6, 2022. The pop singer, who was recently relieved of her 13-year-long conservatorship, appears to be enjoying her newfound freedom as she celebrated 'free woman energy' by posing in the nude in front of the mirror. Britney donned only a pair of white stockings and a bejeweled choker as she showed off her stunning physique, writing, "Free woman energy has never felt better 🎀."

However, the Queen of Pop decided to turn off her comments, probably anticipating the trolling she faced last time for posing naked. While most of her fans lauded her boldness and free spirit this time, there were a few skeptical netizens who did not hold back on the criticism. Some went to the extent of dubbing Britney 'crazy' and accusing her of misusing her freedom. Many even speculated whether the 40-year-old will start an OnlyFans account soon.


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Britney often posted topless photos and has even gone completely nude for Instagram in the recent few months. Following an exhaustive legal battle on her conservatorship, Britney got engaged with long-time beau Sam Asghari and even expressed her desire to have another baby. Amid speculations around her wedding plans and new music, the singer shared a little too much with her fans in the latest pair of nude photos. It could do with the fact that singer is celebrating her new freedom after years of being told how to behave, wear and do under her restrictive conservatorship. 

While Britney has not hinted anything about joining OnlyFans, many of her followers are directing her towards the platform while criticizing her frequent nudity. Rapper Lil Debbie decided to weigh in her opinion on Britney as she tweeted, "I feel like somebody needs to tell Britney Spears about Onlyfans." Another fan asked, "Britney baby just open an onlyfans already." A third fan noted, "My 2022 prediction: Britney Spears will be on onlyfans and people will eat it up with a spoon," while another tweeted, "Somebody tell Britney to just get an onlyfans and pack it up."





Meanwhile, loyal Britney fans supported the pop star defending her right to celebrate her body any way she wanted. They also pointed out the hypocrisy in the criticism faced by Britney while many other celebrities are lauded for shedding their clothes in front of the camera.

"Britney been naked since 2008 while under a cons. Y’all only have a problem with it now, because y’all love telling women what to do and can’t handle it when they don’t care," a fan tweeted. Another noted, "It’s not “crazy” for Britney to voluntarily post nudes when people have been non-consensually distributing images of her tits and genitals for the last 25 years." A third fan tweeted, "I think it’s interesting that people will sit here & post links to their ‘OnlyFans’ & then turn around & criticize Britney Spears for posting the same pics that they’re selling… Make it make sense."




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