Britney Spears poses topless sparking 'mental health' concerns among fans

'Please don’t prove the conservators right. We’re on your team. We want you to win. Don’t ruin this for us,' said one fan, commenting on Britney Spears' topless Instagram photo

                            Britney Spears poses topless sparking 'mental health' concerns among fans
Britney Spears goes topless in new Instagram picture (Instagram/ @britneyspears)

Britney Spears chose to go topless, clutching her breasts with her hands in an Instagram photo posted on Friday afternoon on July 23. Her post worried fans who felt the topless picture was going to cost her the conservatorship battle against her father.

In the racy photo, the 39-year-old popstar pushed her breasts together with her hands while she stared seductively at the camera. At the bottom, she wore unbuttoned daisy duke shorts as she posed in the backyard of her house. The toned body of the 'Toxic singer was fully on display in the picture. She wore heavy makeup and let her blond tresses hang down. She appeared to be wearing a white shirt before taking the picture, which she took off and threw on the floor of the garden. The shirt was seen in the backdrop of the picture shaded by a rather large tree. She captioned the image with a simple 'plant' emoji. 


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'Britney Spears does need a mental health check'

Members of the #FreeBritney movement and fans of her music were shocked to discover their idol posing topless on social media. Many of them questioned her mental health status, while others were concerned about her conservatorship battle after posting the picture. "Hear me out… based on the Instagram Britney Spears does need a mental health check not under conservatorship," said one concerned commentator, while another wrote, "Disgusting. Sorry sweetie, ladies don't do this. Haven't you learned anything? Maybe not. Then do not whine about taking control of your life. Grow up." 

"And people wonder why she’s under a conservatorship??," wondered another Instagram user. One fan, part of the #FreeBritney movement wrote, "Dear Brit, Please don’t prove the conservators right. We’re on your team. We want you to win. Don’t ruin this for us. Sincerely, Your fans." One more quipped, "She’s not well. It’s so effing clear and yet everyone thinks she needs to be 'set free.'" Another remarked, "This should help her case." A commenter tweeted, "Yikes!!! This is not winning her any points … she needs to play it safe until she’s free." A person reacted with, "Not good if you want to win! Proving them right."









Britney Spears' posts

The topless photo was not the only instance of Spears opting to post daring content on Instagram. In fact, lately, she has been posting revealing photos and videos on her page, seemingly in defiance of her conservatorship and to emphasize that she was taking control of her life and her body. Just hours before the topless picture went live, Spears posted a video dancing in a bikini while her body was covered in henna tattoos. "I got henna tattoos again and put this video together in 2 hours… no professional lighting or camera equipment... just me playing around doing my thing," her caption said. 


Some of her other recent posts included dancing in a white sports bra and shorts, twirling and grooving in a super-short red crop top and patterned shorts, and showing off her abs in a nude picture of her back.






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