Britney Spears poses topless a fourth time, shocked fans ask 'what is happening' to her

Fans think the 39-year-old Princess of Pop's topless photos may just be her way of trying to convey a message or trolling her dad Jamie Spears

                            Britney Spears poses topless a fourth time, shocked fans ask 'what is happening' to her
Britney Spears poses topless again (Instagram/Britney Spears)

Britney Spears raised eyebrows as she posted a fourth topless image of herself holding her breasts while soaking up the sun outdoors. Fans of the troubled pop sensation are now wondering if she is trying to send a message.

The 39-year-old Princess of Pop wore a tiny pair of denim shorts as she swayed from side to side to pose for the camera in the back garden of her LA mansion. It's worth noting that Britney has gone topless on social media multiple times of late. She posted a similar photo to Instagram on July 23. At the time, her fans were worried that the image was going to cost her the conservatorship battle against her father Jamie Spears.


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Fans appeared concerned in the comments section of her Instagram post. "I live for the day the conservatorship ends and Britney can finally tell us the truth about what’s been going on," one wrote. "This is so confusing but still love u," another added. "Something suspicious is going on," a third chimed in. "What are you trying to tell us????" a fourth added.



The post was one of many similar images she has posted recently. In her July 23 post, the 'Gimme More' hitmaker pushed her breasts together with her hands while she stared seductively at the camera. At the bottom, she wore unbuttoned daisy duke shorts as she posed in the backyard of her house. The toned body of the 'Toxic singer was fully on display in the picture. She wore heavy makeup and let her blond tresses hang down. She appeared to be wearing a white shirt before taking the picture, which she took off and threw on the floor of the garden. The shirt was seen in the backdrop of the picture shaded by a rather large tree. She captioned the image with a simple 'plant' emoji. 




The series of posts comes amid a contentious legal battle involving Britney and her allegedly "abusive" conservatorship. She scored a major victory in court last month, when Judge Brenda Penny permitted her to hire legal representation of her choice. She chose former federal prosecutor Mathew S. Rosengart to represent her.

On Monday, July 26, it emerged that the embattled singer and her newly appointed lawyer had filed court documents requesting that a CPA named Jason Rubin be appointed the conservatorship of her estate. Britney, in the documents, alleged the relationship with her father was "venomous" and that it impaired her "mental health, her well-being, and her ability to pursue and continue with her extraordinary career.” She also describes her father's control on her life as "traumatizing, insane and depressing."

Britney has been posting revealing photos and videos of late, seemingly in defiance of her conservatorship and to emphasize that she was taking control of her life and her body. Last week, she posted a video dancing in a bikini while her body was covered in henna tattoos. "I got henna tattoos again and put this video together in 2 hours… no professional lighting or camera equipment... just me playing around doing my thing," her caption stated. 



Some of her other recent posts included dancing in a white sports bra and shorts, twirling and grooving in a super-short red crop top and patterned shorts, and showing off her abs in a nude picture of her back.

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