Brian Laundrie loved 'The Invisible Man' about stalker who tortures girlfriend

Brian Laundrie loved 'The Invisible Man' about stalker who tortures girlfriend
Brian Laundrie pinned at least three photos of the book 'The Invisible Man' (Instagram: @bizarre_design_, Pinterest: @ blaundrie1197)

As the mysterious disappearance and tragic death of Gabby Petito unfolds, her absconding fiance Brian Laundrie continues to get scrutinized for every little thing he did in the weeks leading up to the vlogger's disappearance.

Internet sleuths have now discovered that Laundrie, who returned from the couple's cross-country road trip alone with the van they were traveling in, had been reading books during the trip that have taken dark connotations in the light of her disappearance and death.

One such book happens to be 'The Invisible Man' wherein a man fakes his own death and later stalks and tortures his girlfriend. 

Petito and Laundrie, childhood sweethearts, were engaged to be married and had left for their road trip in July. The last time Petito was heard from was during August end through 'odd' texts to her mother, after which she went silent. On September 1, Laundrie returned to his Florida family home and immediately got himself a lawyer, refusing to personally cooperate with cops over the investigation into Petito's disappearance. By September 11, Petito was reported missing and just the day before her remains were found at a Wyoming national park where she and Laundrie had been camping, Laundrie too went missing. 


'Don't try to find me': Brian Laundrie's 'disturbing' Pinterest post worries Internet

Was Gabby Petito PREGNANT? Social media users pinpoint evidence behind shocking theory

In the wake of police dubbing Laundrie a person of interest to issuing a manhunt for the runaway fiance, social media has been rife with speculations over him having to do something with Gabby's disappearance and death. His cryptic and disturbing Pinterest pins, and reading morbid books like 'Annihilation' where women go missing on islands, only fuels those speculations further.

Added to that is this new revelation that Laundrie was allegedly reading HG Well's infamous book 'The Invisible Man'.

Laundrie, who allegedly streamed an Instagram live from a boat for seconds and has been active on his Spotify account while on the run, has also been accused of other creepy social media activity.

His Pinterest account has been especially telling in all of this. From photos with messaging such as 'The Opposition of Lost', 'Don't Try to Find Me', and the words 'My Baby' written on a gravestone to other photos depicting violence, death, and other disturbing topics have left the internet worried. Among these is a folder titled 'pins' wherein at least three of the total 128 images pinned are those from the Wells science fiction novel. The story follows a crazed scientist who fakes his own suicide and makes himself invisible to torture his girlfriend.

Gabby Petito was engaged to Brian Laundrie (L) (Instagram/Brian Laundrie)

Apart from sketches of skulls, Joaquin Phoenix's The Joker, and photos of Frankenstein, there's also a pin that shows a shadowed figure leaning down to stab another figure lying on a bed of flowers. There is also a Fight Club quote in a pinned folder called 'my heart', that reads, "It's only after we've lost everything that we're free to do anything."

Some of his shared pins with Petito have also led to bizarre speculation that the deceased vlogger was pregnant with Laundrie's baby at the time of her death. These shared boards contained outdoorsy aesthetics of weddings and babywear images, thus spurring the speculation.

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