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'Don't try to find me': Brian Laundrie's 'disturbing' Pinterest post worries Internet

Posts like 'Bite the hand that feeds you', and 'My baby' written on a gravestone have left social media worried
Obscure pins from Brian Laundrie leaves internet worried (Pinterest: @blaundrie1197)
Obscure pins from Brian Laundrie leaves internet worried (Pinterest: @blaundrie1197)

The search for Gabby Petito's missing fiance Brian Laundrie turns more and more twisted and the FBI declaring his family home a "crime scene" isn't the most of it. In the latest updates, internet sleuths have been able to dig out what they believe is Laundrie's personal Pinterest account, where his pins are beyond cryptic and obscure and borderline 'dark' and 'disturbing'. Pins that read ideals such as 'Bite the hand that feeds you' have now left social media increasingly worried, hoping authorities find him before he 'finds another victim'.

The internet thinks Laundrie is the one behind Petito's disappearance and death after a body matching her description was recovered in the Bridger Teton National Forest, close to where the couple had been camping. Petito was reported missing after Laundrie returned from the couple's cross-country road trip alone on September 1, with the white van they were traveling in. He immediately got a lawyer and refused to cooperate with the investigation into the then-missing woman. Petito was last heard from on August 26, via a text to her mom that claimed there was "No service in Yosemite." Soon after she was reported missing, Laundrie too disappeared, last seen on September 14.


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Armchair detectives have thus deduced that Laundrie has been hiding and running off to Mexico after he was dubbed 'person of interest' in the case. And now, the revelation of the odd Pinterest account only adds further to the narrative of Laundrie being an abusive partner, that internet sleuths had deduced from the bodycam footage of cops pulling the couple over after a domestic disturbance call to their van. 

The Pinterest account in question displays a wide array of pins - from artwork to home interiors and of course, nature and outdoors - something both Laundrie and Petito were actively into. But amidst the thousands of pins made from the account under the username @ blaundrie1197, the one that stands out the most is a pin allegedly made a month ago, signed by a signed Pierre. The photo is that of pale purple and pink clouds with the words 'The Opposite of Lost' written on the top. Below the picture of the clouds are the words: "Don’t try to find me. I have finally escaped my ‘master’s’ wicked clutches. To the others I say: ‘Join me.  Bite the hand that feeds you. Vive la liberté.' - Pierre."

Gabby Petito seen feeding Brian Laundrie in their vlog (VAN LIFE Beginning Our Van Life JourneyYouTube)

Every bit ominous, the photo has of course been dissected on social media, adhering to Laundrie's allegedly abusive nature towards Petito. As if Laundrie's silence and disappearance wasn't enough, the bodycam footage showing Petito fumbling through hysterical tears while Laundrie smiles and jokes with the cops have also contributed amply to the narrative. Further, another released 911 call on the August 12 incident reveals a witness claiming they saw Laundrie slap and attack Petito before getting into the car and speeding off. 

Now, this particular pin amidst a litany of outdoorsy, nomadic lifestyle-related posts on Laundrie's alleged account, has appeared to be concerning to social media. The first post on the pin was made on Twitter, with a user sharing a screenshot of the pin with the caption: "If y’all haven’t already, I would highly recommend looking at #BrianLaundrie’s Pinterest….this is just an example I took from his page, but go read some of the stuff on there…." Another user, who also retweeted the original tweet, replied to the post writing: "Wow he has a deeply dark disturbing side. Could be on drugs. I hope they find him before he finds another victim." To that, the original poster agreed, chiming in: "He sure does! It’s really disturbing."




Sharing the same screenshot, another user tweeted: "Y’all #BrianLaundrie Pinterest is BLOWING MY MIND… I don’t know with 100% certainty that this is his account, but based on the postings I feel pretty confident. I’m looking at all the pins. #justiceforgabby" One more found it worth sharing that, "#BrianLaundrie Pinterest. 1 month ago he pinned 'burnt out how to cope with autistic burn out' to his board named 'bleak'" To another user, what seemed the most disturbing was, "A dark and telling pin of a design saved on Pinterest by Brian Laundrie. 'My Baby' written on a headstone at a grave. 'She'll never find a sweet man like me.'"

Laundrie's interest has since also led conspiracy theorists to deduce some really outrageous and so far unaddressed as well as unconfirmed analogies behind what happened on the road trip. "My theory is #GabbyPetito was pregnant with #BrianLaundrie’s child. That he murdered her because of it, I am basing this off of her Pinterest," one user wrote, sharing photos from Petito's interest that showed outdoorsy prints on babywear. Another claimed: "#BrianLaundrie Pinterest Boards. Notice how #GABBYPETITO recreated so many of these scenes for their trip. She WAS NOT the OCD one. #dirtylaundrie was & gaslighted her into these labels. #justiceforgabbypetito"





It has really rattled social media that Laundrie and his family had shared boards with Petito, titled 'Life Goals'. Pins under that board are all elaborate wedding decor and bridal gowns. "It’s sickening to me that Roberta was a collaborator on Gabby’s Life Goals (wedding, baby) board on Pinterest. They were obviously close," wrote one user with a broken red heart emoji. To others, what Laundrie shared or pinned didn't really amount to much. Quipping about internet detectives possibly reading too much into things, one user tweeted: "Someone on Instagram is doing a deeeeep dive into Brian Laundrie’s Pinterest boards for evidence that he is a murderer and it has me wondering what people could find on my Pinterest that would convince them the same thing about me."

Incidentally enough, the now seemingly ominous text originally comes from a missing dog flier that was pictured in black and white, stuck on a glass window. There's not much information about who stuck it or whether the dog allegedly called Pierre was ever found, but posted on WordPress on April 6, 2006, the original post claims the photo was seen in Portland, Oregon, the final destination on Petito and Laundrie's road trip.