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'Real Girlfriends in Paris': Who is Margaux Lignel? Inside reality star's major guilty pleasure

The ‘Real Girlfriends in Paris’ star interned as a stylist at Giovanna Battaglia from January to March 2013 in New York
Margaux Lignel of 'Real Girlfriends in Paris' living her best life (Margaux Lignel/Instagram)
Margaux Lignel of 'Real Girlfriends in Paris' living her best life (Margaux Lignel/Instagram)

PARIS, FRANCE: Margaux Lignel is one of the contestants in the new show on Bravo, 'Real Girlfriends in Paris' premiering on September 5, 2022, at 9.00 pm ET. These six bold 20-something American women experience their wildest adventures till now on the show. In the City of Lights, Paris, they find each other, encounter a romantic rendezvous or two, and embrace all the spontaneity that comes with living in an exciting new city.

They always are looking for a good time, and the women find themselves in an extraordinarily rich moment in their lives where the possibilities for true love, unrelenting passion, and forging lifelong friendships are endless. After the trailer release fans ended up relating it to 'Emily in Paris', only this is the real version, well it can only be confirmed once the show premieres.


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Who is Margaux Lignel?

Margaux is a 27-year-old girl who will be seen starring in Bravo's new show 'Real Girlfriend in Paris'. She received her education from some of the world’s top institutions, including the Fashion Institute of Technology from the year 2012 to 2017, the American School of Paris, and the Conde Nast College of Fashion and Design. The fashion student also interned as a stylist Giovanna Battaglia from January to March 2013, and at Bureau Betak from March 2014 to June 2015, in New York.

Margaux was born in New York to French parents and has one sister and two brothers, while her sister's occupation is something Lignel is tight-lipped about but she is very supportive of her two brothers who are vocalists. Margaux travels a lot and the one place she visited the most is Paris since her childhood. She recently relocated to a new apartment near the 5th arrondissement. Margaux is adamant about forging her own path, on her own terms. She is currently deciding what she wants to do with her life. The star is very active on her social media and is seen updating her day-to-day schedule quite frequently.

In one of her Instagram highlights, she addresses that she has not had any "great" love who broke her heart or she regrets losing over even though she did have quite a few boyfriends. However, the 27-year-old star has not one but two guilty pleasures! On many of her Instagram posts and highlights, Margaux has been seeing obsessing over art and it is not that she is only obsessed with renowned artists' art but she is also seen imitating poses of the figures from the art for a picture. 

Margaux also loves smoking in order to be stressfree, on many of her Instagram posts she is seen with a cigarette in her hand be it smoking or posing with it but one thing is for sure, she does it so artistically that it looks aesthetically very pleasing to her fan and audiences. From her social media, it is quite evident that the reality star is obsessed with art and cigarettes which helps her blend in with most of Parisians. 


The series will premiere on September 5, 2022, at 9 pm ET. The episodes will also be available on Peacock and the network's website one day after the television premiere.