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ARMY help locals in trying to catch killer of late BTS fan Bonna Hercia Ambay

Filo fan Bonna Hercia Ambay celebrated her 23rd and last birthday with a BTS-themed party that has fans heartbroken
Bonna was killed at her workplace with the prime suspect fleeing his home (@bonna.ambay.1998/Facebook)
Bonna was killed at her workplace with the prime suspect fleeing his home (@bonna.ambay.1998/Facebook)

K-pop fans prove time and again that they use their power for good; from hijacking the racist hashtags during the Black Lives Movement in 2020 on social media to helping Bangladeshi fans who were harassed solely for liking BTS. And now ARMY are helping the locals in the Philippines who are on a manhunt for a killer who murdered Bonna Hercia Ambay on June 6 in Kalibo.

The 23-year-old girl was stabbed multiple times at her workplace, a pawnshop, which was covered in blood. The scene also had slippers, handcuffs and a bloodied knife that is suspected to be belonging to the killer. There was also a security guard’s uniform with the name tag ‘Torriefiel Mar’. This has made security guard Mark Archie Torrefiel the prime suspect. The police also found his revolver hidden under a tree near his house while he fled with his live-in partner. And fans found out that Bonna was a BTS fan who unfortunately celebrated her 23rd and last birthday with a BTS-themed party.

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Bonna was a fan of Jin and had celebrated her last birthday with a BTS-themed party (@bonna.ambay.1998/Facebook)

ARMY help in catching fellow-BTS fan’s killer

ARMY have taken to Twitter to unearth as much information as they can in the manhunt to catch the killer. The area’s mayor-elect is offering a reward of $567 to anyone who has information on the suspect’s location. With the pawnshop being untouched and no item missing, the motive behind Bonna Hercia Ambay’s murder is still unknown. The suspect was previously involved in armed robbery and theft. Fans are heartbroken over the incident and are doing their best to help. We also have BTS’ Philippines fanbase trying to spread as much awareness as they can about the situation.

‘Justice for Cia’

The fanbase made a tweet that has now gone viral, “TW: D3ath/murd3r Please spread and help us provide #JusticeForBonnaHercia Bonna Hercia Ambay, 23 yrs old from Aklan, a BTS ARMY who was k!lled at her workplace, RD Pawnshop. The Chief Investigator of Kalibo is humbly asking for BTS ARMY to help spread awareness of this case.” Another ARMY commented, “Rest in paradise, co-army.”

A fan who lives in the same area was worried, “Another army passed away.😭 She's just 23 years old and she's just in the same province as me. She's a Jin stan. She was k1ll3d innocently. 😭 Her name is Bonna Hercia Ambay. We may not know each other but fly high Cia you are one of the beautiful souls rn. JUSTICE FOR CIA!” One fan added, “Dear filo co-Armys, I am asking for your help in finding the suspect for the killing of Bonna Hercia Ambay. She is a Jin biased, and an avid fan of the boys. She was killed without mercy and we are currently seeking for justice.”





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