Bob Saget may have slipped in bathroom and hit his head TWICE, believes doctor

Bob Saget may have slipped in bathroom and hit his head TWICE, believes doctor
Bob Saget (Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images)

Bob Saget's autopsy has revealed severe injuries that the star had suffered before his death which doctors think might be the reason that lead up to the actor's sudden death. Bob Saget was found dead in a Florida hotel on January 9. He was 65 years old at the time of his death. 

Dr Anthony Harris, Chief Medical Director for HFit Heath, told The Sun that Saget suffered severe injuries to his head, possibly after an accidental slip in the bathroom of his hotel room. "We know from the autopsy that he did have a fractured skull - and the severity in regards to the fracture of the skull is indicated by him having blood across both sides of his brain. That means you had a significant injury, not just to the skull but the brain itself, which will affect the actual function of the brain," Dr Harris explained. 


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Bob Saget was found dead in his hotel room (Leon Bennett/Getty Images)

An autopsy report from early February suggested that the actor had suffered from an accidental blow to the head, an abrasion to his scalp, a fracture at the base of his skull, fractures around his eye sockets, and even a bleed on his brain. Dr Harris highlighted that it would take a "significant force" to fracture the thicker parts of a person's skull. He also said that the fractures around his eye sockets and the base of his skull must have particularly taken quite a bit of force for the fractures to even happen. 

"So thinking about the physics that would be involved, it could be the case that Mr. Saget had two falls," Dr Harris concluded. "For instance, he may have hit the front of his head, or slipped forward, causing fractures to the orbits [eye sockets] his skull. Then the recoil of the impact of hitting his head may have caused him to fall backward, and then strike the back of his head on another object - let's say a bathtub or the floor - which would cause dual brain trauma. That would account for both types of fractures that we're seeing with Mr Saget," Harris added, explaining the sequence of events that might have led up to the actor's death.

Police had earlier released reports that said Saget might have hit his head on the headboard before losing consciousness and passing away in his sleep. Dr Harris had accepted the possibility but suggested that it is more likely that he suffered the head traumas elsewhere in the room, before climbing into bed in a state of "altered sensorium" - or confusion - where he later died.

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