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'Black Mafia Family' Episode 7 Preview : Business or family, it's time to choose

Will Kato be exposed as the rat of the 50 Boyz?
A still from 'Black Mafia Family' Episode 7 promo (Starz)
A still from 'Black Mafia Family' Episode 7 promo (Starz)

Starz is set to drop another episode of 'Black Mafia Family' this week and we're thoroughly excited. Episode 6 was full of danger and left us with a cliffhanger that got us itching for more.

The crime drama follows the true lives of Demetrius 'Big Meech' Flenory( Demertrius Flenory Jr.) and Terry 'Southwest T' Flenory(Da'Vinchi) as they establish one of the biggest drug and hip-hop organizations in America. Episode 6 saw Lamar (Eric Kofi-Abrefa) go on a killing spree which ended with him stabbing an innocent child and getting away. Read on to know what to expect from Episode 7 of 'BMF'. 


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The preview opens with Lawanda (Sydney Mitchell) asking Terry (Da'Vinchi) to choose between her and Meech (Demetrius Flenory Jr.), saying he can't do both. We then see Detective Bryant (Steve Harris) all up in Meech's face telling him if he'd like to help, then he should help as Meech replies that he can't do that. We suspect that Detective Bryant knows that Meech has information regarding Lamar (Eric Kofi-Abrefa) and why he killed the young boy in Episode 6. But Meech being in the drug business knows that things can be traced back to him as well. The next scene shows Terry and Meech running up some stairs as we see them arrive at the hospital. The brothers must've heard what happened with their little sister Nicole(Laila Pruitt) and rushed over. 

We then see Nicole, Charles (Russell Hornsby), Lucille (Michole Briana White) along with Detective Bryant, Detective Lopez (Sean Michael Gloria), and Commander Mars (Felisha Terrell) detained for questioning. Mars warns Nicole that lying to a police officer is a crime as the girl stares in fear. Next, we see Meech tell Terry that they're in too deep. Either Terry brought up what his girlfriend said or he suggested getting out of this business while they can as things are getting sticky. B-Mickie (Myles Truitt) who has been sleeping with Kato (Ajiona Alexus) is shown holding her a gunpoint as he yells at her to talk. Kato who has been secretly reporting to Lamar for undisclosed reasons may have finally been caught as the mole of the 50 Boyz. 

Terry meets with Big L (Walnette Marie Santiago) who tells him she won't give him an extension. Looks like family and business can't mix as Terry looks stressed out. The sixth episode which saw Detective Lopez spot Detective Bryant with Meech may finally see Bryant suffer the consequences. Mars has been informed by Lopez about it, and suspects Bryant's hiding something. In a very cool display, she threatens him saying, "If you're dirty imma wash you out to dry". Looks like Bryant is going to have to be more careful than ever if he doesn't want his actions exposed.

Episode 6 will see things go wrong for many characters as they all face the heat differently. Family and business clearly don't mesh well as we will see the Flenory brothers forced to make hard choices.

'BMF' airs every Sunday Night at 8 pm ET on Starz.