Starbucks perv Blake Reign tasered 8 times after he MASTURBATED at horrified Spring Breakers

Starbucks perv Blake Reign tasered 8 times after he MASTURBATED at horrified Spring Breakers
Halley Kate (L), Blake Riegn, 27, arrested by Miami Beach Police (Photo Credits:

A woman and her friends from New York City were chased by a man who was masturbating at them at the Starbucks Miami outlet in Florida on Friday, March 11. Halley Kate and her friends were in Miami for their Spring Break when they went to the coffee shop to pick up their drinks and noticed a man as he walked into the shop with no trousers or shoes.
In the video, Kate shares pictures of the man at Starbucks and says "I realized his hands are in his boxers but I didn't pay much attention and thought he's just waiting at the back for his drink. Five minutes, still waiting for the drinks and I turned around and started paying more attention to the guy with no shoes, I realized he was jerking himself off.”



Blake Reign: Homeless model, 27, arrested for masturbating at Miami Beach Starbucks

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Sharing her now-viral TikTok video she adds “At this point me and my friends are literally in a corner where we can’t move, we are waiting for our drinks. I am so scared to say or do anything because I don’t want him to put his hands on me or assault me”. Since no one but Kate and her friends noticed the man’s behavior, she tried to signal to the outlet’s staff but no one did anything to stop the man. “I am like eyeing the Starbucks workers please f*****g help but no one’s doing anything,” she said. After signaling to the Starbucks staff Katie and her friends rushed outside the shop after getting their order.
Apparently, the accused followed the group and stood not too far from their table. Kate also shared a photo of him staring at her with his hands in his pants close to their table. “He was standing behind and staring at us and jerking himself towards us," Kate added.


A still from Kate's viral video showing the man followed them to their table. (Photo Credits:

"So after he came up, me and my friends literally got up and started walking away. As we walked away, he started chasing us, four of us were sprinting on the streets of Miami," Kate said explaining the traumatizing experience.
Kate then called 911 and reached out to the cops that drove past their location. After the cops pulled over they saw the man and tried to stop him but ultimately he had to be tasered roughly eight times before he stopped. "We called 911 and saw the cops driving past us. They ended up stopping in front of us and saw the guy. They ended up Tasing his a** on the ground. I'm glad that we got him off the street so he won't do that to other girls."
The man, identified as Blake Reign, 27, was later arrested by Miami Beach Police and charged with lewd and lascivious behavior, disorderly conduct in an establishment, and resisting an officer without violence. Police said they had to repeatedly use a Taser and strike the suspect because he kept fleeing and refusing orders to stop, according to the reported arrest affidavit. Reign denied allegations.“I didn’t commit what they said I committed,” he said in bond court.  Blake is a 27-year-old homeless model and sex worker.


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 Blake Reign model shoeless tasered 8 times video masturbated at Spring Breaker in Miami Starbucks