NYC subway horror: Bronx man smears human feces on woman waiting for train

NYC subway horror: Bronx man smears human feces on woman waiting for train
A Bronx man smeared human excreta on a woman (Credits: Crimestoppers and NYPD)

A stomach-turning assault occurred in the New York City's subway system on February 21 as a woman waiting for a train on the northbound platform of the East 241st Street station in the Bronx became the victim of an unjustified attack.

The woman's head was smeared with human feces by Frank Abrokwa, a Bronx man who claims to be a Ghanaian immigrant. The victim, described as a 43-year-old woman, is seen seated on a bench waiting for a train in a surveillance video released by the New York City Police Department on Monday.


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Abrokwa travels along the platform with a plastic bag in his hand. He lunges at the woman, appearing to shove the bag into her face. When the woman bends forward, the attacker approaches her from behind and slams the contents of the bag, which are believed to be human excrement, against the back of her head and back.



Abrokwa is seen wearing black leggings, an oversized blue sweater, and a ballcap over a durag, as well as a large duffel bag draped over his shoulder. The police confirmed that Abrokwa was arrested on Monday.

Mayor Eric Adams and Governor Kathy Hochul announced the new subway safety plan on Friday, February 25 addressing public safety concerns, support for people experiencing homelessness and serious mental illness, and aiming to crack down on anyone sleeping across multiple seats, behaving aggressively toward passengers, or creating an "unsanitary environment" in the subway system. 1,000 police officers have been deployed on multiple subway lines as part of the effort.

The feces-smearing event occurred just three days after the plan was unveiled.

Another incident occurred a week after the plan was announced, as NYC Department of Health scientist Dr. Nina Rothschild was kicked down a flight of stairs and brutally battered with a hammer at the Queens Plaza, leaving her in critical condition.

William Blount, 57, has been identified as the attacker. He was apprehended by New York Police Department officers on Sunday, February 27. Blount has a lengthy criminal record, with more than six past arrests for robbery and unlawful possession of a controlled narcotic.

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