Did Blake Moynes get cold feet? 'The Bachelorette' fans slam Canadian star for 'worst' proposal

'Watching Blake's speech trying to figure out if he's dumping her or proposing,' said a confused fan

                            Did Blake Moynes get cold feet? 'The Bachelorette' fans slam Canadian star for 'worst' proposal
Katie Thurston and Blake Moynes in 'The Bachelorette' (ABC)

For Katie Thurston, it's finally here -- with the season finale of 'The Bachelorette' finally here, fans have one question, will Katie get her proposal?

Katie made it evident earlier on that she wanted her season to end in an engagement. With her saying goodbye to Justin Glaze and 'I love you' to Blake Moynes, the latter went on to meet her family and let's say, it didn't go according to plan.

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Katie assured him that her family was laid back, but it turns out that might not have been the case. Katie comes from a family of very headstrong and independent women, including her mother and her aunt, Lindsey, who joined the couple.

While they were happy for the couple, they weren't too thrilled to know about their possible living situation, seeing that Blake is from Canada while Katie resides in the USA. In addition to this, Blake also travels regularly, which puts a strain on their future relationship.

Blake later sat down with her aunt, Lindsey, and she grilled him thoroughly. However, no matter what Blake said, Lindsey kept cutting him down, reminding him that he might not have what it takes to make this work in the real world. Katie's mother was definitely far more supportive, but Lindsey seemed to have kicked him out of the honeymoon phase quickly. 

Blake seemed on the fence about how to move on here on out and seemed to have felt cornered and coerced into a marriage. To add to it, Tayshia Adams sat down with him and to help him pick out a ring. Fans couldn't help but point out the sheet irony of the situation. 

"T: Are you alright? B: Yeah, I'm just staring at my ex while picking out a ring for my current girlfriend #TheBacheloretteFinale" joked a fan. 
"NOT PRODUCERS MAKING BLAKE PICK OUT ENGAGEMENT RINGS WITH HIS EX #TheBachelorette #Bachelorette" agreed another. "The producers while making Blake pick out Katie's engagement ring with his ex Tayshia #TheBachelorette #TheBacheloretteFinale #BacheloretteABC" added another. "What every ring looks like to Blake #TheBacheloretteFinale #TheBacheloretteABC #thebachelorette" tweeted a fan with the ultimate meme, seeing that Katie's aunt Lindsey did not spare a single chance to call out Blake every second she got. 









After meeting with Katie's mom and aunt, Blake seemed on the fence about his next move. He claimed he was in love with her, but, marriage was a huge move and with none of the logistics figured out, Blake was thoroughly overwhelmed to the point where he didn't know what he wanted anymore.

Going into the final rose ceremony, Blake came across as thoroughly undecided. After Katie spoke about how much she loves him, it was Blake's turn to respond. Throughout his speech, it was unclear which direction he would take. Until he finally promised that he wanted to give her so much more. Blake went on to propose to Katie and she said yes. Fans, however, weren't entirely sold and thought that proposal could have been much better.  

"Blake's proposal was actually the worst ever… #TheBacheloretteFinale" added another. "Me trying to figure out if Blake was proposing or breaking up with katie #TheBacheloretteFinale #TheBacheloretteABC" agreed another. "watching blake's speech trying to figure out if he's dumping her or proposing #bachelorette #BacheloretteABC" joked another. "I guess third time's a charm for Blake #TheBacheloretteFinale #TheBacheloretteABC #thebachelorette" added a fan. 










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